Life Last Week #8

The beginning of last week seems ages ago, somehow – I’m scratching my head to remember anything at all about Monday and Tuesday, so I can only imagine that they were pretty run of the mill days, when nothing exciting happened at all.

On Wednesday morning, however, the week improved, and I was off early on the train to meet Mum for our annual January trip to London – plenty of shopping, eating and drinking for a couple of days, as usual.

We had a fabulous time, including a meet-up for drinks with my lovely friend Teresa from TCakes, in Selfridges’ winter wonderland themed rooftop restaurant which was fab.

Photo 22-01-2015 18 12 20


I know she hates having her pic taken, so I hope you don’t mind me putting it in, Teresa! x

On the train home on Friday, I felt the stirrings of a cold beginning, and when I got home, Ashley was the same – we’ve both caught it from Will, I think, who had it last week. Unfortunately, as the weekend progressed, we both felt worse and worse, and at the time of writing this (Monday afternoon), Ashley is asleep on the sofa, and I’ve just got out of bed after sleeping for a couple of hours.  It’s a really nasty bug.

On Saturday evening, my friend Becky came over for dinner with her son, Alex, and that turned into a bit of a late night, which probably didn’t help the cold.  By midnight I’d completely lost my voice.  It was nice to see her and catch up on all the gossip, though.

Now I had planned a little video to show you the bits and pieces I bought in London (nothing hugely exciting – I’m trying not to spend too much money at the moment, as house renovations must take priority over frivolous spending), but if you saw what I look like at the moment (bright red nose, chapped lips, no make-up, hair like straw) you’d be grateful I’m not inflicting that on you!  So it’s pictures, instead:


Necklace, reduced in the BHS sale to £5, from £18.50


Grey scarf, £4, and two zip-up bags, reduced to £1 each, from Primark.  Was pleased to find these bags, as I’ve had to throw away a couple which had broken zips recently which I’ve had for years and are so useful for travel.


The camera has bleached the colour of this top somewhat, but it’s that lovely bright acid green colour.  Can’t remember how much it was, but it was from Evans.


A tiny Superdrug haul – a Make Up Revolution single eyeshadow in a colour I’ve been wanting for ages, a L’Oreal Infallible gel effect nail polish, and a(nother!) MUA eye shadow palette, which I simply couldn’t leave behind at only £2!


More Primark bargains – glass nail files and a bunch of pretty bracelets, £1 each.


And finally, the only high-end item I really wanted from the Spring collections – this gorgeous eye palette from Clarins.  I saw it online and thought it was beautiful, and when I saw it in real life, it was even lovelier.  £35 (eeek!)

Right, I’m off back to bed with my box of tissues and and bottle of water.  I REALLY hope I feel better tomorrow.  I know that a couple of people are waiting for a Favourites vlog, and it will be up later this week.  I have all the products ready, and I promise I’ll film it as soon as I feel a bit better and look a bit more human.

Have a great week, everybody! x


14 thoughts on “Life Last Week #8

  1. Fab Primani scarf (I love pom-poms) and nail file bargain….I know someone who paid twelve quid for one of those glass files. I need to get down to Superdrug for that make up palette, a couple of colours in there I like, as you say a no-brainer at £2. Glad you had a lovely day out with your mum and hope you feel much better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I love the Clarins palette – gorgeous. Had a bit of a spree this weekend at Ulta – picked up some goodies for my daughter’s birthday and I’m hoping she’ll review some of them on her blog. I’ll send you a link once they are up. Today is the sign-up for the A to Z Challenge – the key to my success on the current 31 Day Challenge is to get the posts written and scheduled in advance so I’m not scrambling the last minute.

  3. Glad to read you had a lovely time away with your mum. You look lovely in your grey fluffy wrap.
    Sorry to hear about feeling so rubbish since you got back. Putting on some of those new eye shadows will feel even more of a treat when you are feeling better, an instant pick me up!
    Cute new kitty background.
    Lisa x

  4. Sorry the bug has you in its clutches. I’m glad it held off long enough for you to enjoy the time with your mom. And you did very well…enough lovely things to feel like you got a treat, but bargain enough to be guilt free. 🙂 Feel better soon!

  5. Some lovely purchases there Caroline love the Clarins palette like all the colours ,have you used it much ? i tend to wear neutral colours but need to branch out with some colour and think this could be the one to try .Like you i love the Mua make up academy palette from Superdrug,think they are such excellent quality for the favourite is Heaven and Earth ,the shades of brown and neutral .The girl on the Urban Decay counter thought i was wearing their Naked Palette eyeshadow when it was the Mua lol think that speaks for itself !I have got the Urban Decay Naked but it remains unused ,probably until my Mua runs out ,
    Sorry for all these mega late comments ,in an attempt to catch up on my reading ive not been even turning lap top on for last couple of weeks ! Bit extreme i know but just lately because of spending too much time on line my book reading has been suffering so thats my way of getting back on track.

    • The Clarins palette is fab – it’s so versatile. I love the neutral brown shade and the pinks and pale green are quite gentle, so it would be a great introduction to colour, maybe. Lasts all day really well, too.

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