Currently – January 2015



This is a pre-publication copy that I’m reviewing for Lovereading. It is taking some getting into, but her last book, What the Nanny Saw, was also a slow burner which I ended up loving, so fingers crossed.



Loving this One Republic album which William bought me for Christmas. It’s on constant repeat in the car at the moment.



I haven’t yet started the second series of Broadchurch, as I like to watch several episodes at once, so that’s waiting for me on Sky Plus.  I notice that the critics haven’t been writing well of it at all.


Season 5 of Dance Moms, which started yesterday, is one of my TV guilty pleasures – so pleased it’s back on.



I really want to focus on using and enjoying the make-up I already have this year, after buying far more than I needed in 2014. One of my favourite products at the moment is Make Up Revolution’s #liphug lipsticks. Such good quality for only £2.50, and a nice range of colours, too.

 Frequently Worn Outfits/Items

Photo 20-01-2015 19 15 35

Jeans and boots. January, innit?

I did buy this summer dress at the car boot sale last Sunday, though, for £2 – and it’s brand new with tags!



We’re trying to eat meat-free during the week, both because it’s slightly healthier and slightly cheaper. We had a bit of a meat feast on Saturday evening, though, with BBQ ribs, and crispy duck and all the trimmings. Yum.


Water. Trying to up my intake a bit.


The cold, and the short days. January really is a month with nothing at all to recommend it, as far as I’m concerned. Bring on the spring.


Hot baths and early nights with a good bok.


I’m off to London for a couple of days with my Mum tomorrow for our annual shopping/gossip/drinking and eating trip. Really looking forward to it.



Sad it might be, but I’ve been reorganizing my kitchen, and I really want a set of matching jars to store all my dried foods in – flour, sugar, beans, nuts etc.

Random Thought

The birds in our garden are eating as well as we are these days – this morning they dined on leftover mushroom risotto, followed by orange soufflé (cooked by Will in Home Ec yesterday).  It was all gone within an hour of putting it out on the bird table!



15 thoughts on “Currently – January 2015

  1. I’m with you on wanting to enjoy the make up I have! I’ve got such a mammoth stash and a lot of samples coming my way I want to resist buying duplicates of products I’ve already have – how many lipsticks and cleanser does one girl need?!

    Victoria x

  2. The birds will be very pleased you’ve moved into their patch! The top for summer is really pretty, looking forward to those balmier days.
    Have a lovely trip to London with your mum.
    I didn’t see the first BC and now after watching Graham Norton I won’t bother as he revealed who did it!
    Lisa x

  3. I think the best way to get through january is to just accept it for what it is ,and do the things you enjoy that perhaps other months you dont get time to do as january seems to be the only month that doesnt fly by at breakneck speed like the rest of the year.
    I too, need to focus on using up my makeup and perfume stash instead of buying new,like you Caroline think i have enough to last me the rest of my life.At least you seem to get through yours when you do your empties vlogs,i dont know if its because i swap a lot and dont wear the same perfume etc but despite wearing makeup and perfume daily it never seems to go down ,or maybe ive just got far too much lol!(blaming my daughter for this who works for Clinique so is always tempting me with goodies not only Clinique but any beauty products!)

    • I’ve just had a bit of a fail with my no-buy on my trip to London – the new spring Clarins eye palette had my name written all over, I’m afraid!! Oh well, it could’ve been worse, I suppose!

      • I’ve had a bit of a fail as well Caroline,popped into my local savers (used to be Superdrug and they were selling Elnett handbag satin essentials ,a gift package of two mini handbag size hairsprays plus L’Oreal telescopic mascara all for the bargain price of £5.99!
        Worth it just for the mascara!

      • Wow, that is a super bargain! Particularly as I’m just at the end of my L’Oreal Telescopic – will pop into Savers in the next couple of days, we have one in town.

  4. I bought a Revolution eye shadow palette for about five euros with about ten colours in it. Quite impressed. Tend to stick to Max Factor long stay lipstick as I can put it on at ten am and still have it on at 10 pm despite eating and drinking. It’s the only thing that stops my lips drying out. About time for a favourites vlog, isn’t it!

  5. I am looking forward to the book as I loved her last one. Also haven’t started Broadchurch 2 yet and also slightly worried as it hasn’t go the best results. I know what you mean about make up etc. I was ashamed at how much I threw away when we had to move out/move back in to the bathroom last year. I haven’t missed anything so am also concentrating on using up what I have…. especially the face products.

  6. Great topics. I caught up with Dance Mum’s after you mentioned it in an earlier post,those poor kids! I am loving Broadchurch,no spoilers I promise! I love matching jars and tubs,I would love a pantry with everything matching. I have been living in my pjs,fluffy socks and dressing gown (showering and changing,not the same ones lol) I have the heating on and fire some days,this is a cold house. I love snuggling up and watching a movie or reading snuggled in my blanket.I did not want to venture out at all. I have been catching up on a certain someone’s V-Log on you tube through my new Tivo box,loved the hotel room in Prague,we stayed in something similar in Belgium but without those fantastic light fittings,I loved the look of those. Stay warm,roll on spring. x Dawn

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