Life Last Week #7

Having arrived home after a packed weekend in Prague very late on Sunday night, Monday morning dawned far sooner than I would have liked, and I started the week feeling absolutely exhausted.

Unusually, I had absolutely nothing in my diary for the week, so I decided to have a ‘hibernating’ week, and I only left the house to do the school run or a quick trip to the supermarket from Monday until Thursday.  I do think that January is a month best spent hibernating as far as possible – I hate the cold and the dark evenings and mornings, and spring seems absolutely aeons away.  I never seem to have much energy in the winter, either.

And then there’s the fact that there is always far too much month left at the end of the money in January.  Which makes a quiet week at home seem even more of a plus.

Despite the fact I didn’t ‘do’ much, I did seem to fill my time with no problem at all: work, housework, a bit of decluttering and organising, the endless task that is the laundry, and cooking all seemed to keep me busy.  Reading, too – there’s something lovely about settling down on the sofa with a blanket, a cuppa and a good book at this time of year.

On Friday, I decided I’d been a hermit for long enough, and took myself off to the cinema to see Wild, which I enjoyed but wouldn’t rave about.

We had the builders in for the last full week last week – the cinema/media room moves on at a seeming snail’s pace.  So much for Ashley’s somewhat over-optimistic ‘it’ll be finished by Christmas’ back in November!  We have now come to the end of our budget for builders, so the rest will be DIY.  The plastering’s all done, which is good, as Ashley can’t plaster, but he will be doing the rest of the electrics and lighting (including building the dropped ceiling panel for the LED starlights, and fitting 28 recessed spotlights!); painting – we only had one stand-up row over paint shades in B&Q before finalising our choices, which was good going for us; making portholes in the swing doors, and whatever else needs doing.  As he works full-time, I can’t see it being up and running much before Easter.  Never mind, it’ll take as long as it takes.  And cost a bloody fortune.  As does all house renovation.  I have much experience of this.

The weekend was, again, quiet, and I cooked a couple of meals from my new Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food recipe book, which went down well, for dinner on Saturday and Sunday.  I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed to a car boot sale on Sunday morning and picked up a nice summer dress for myself for a couple of pounds, which made it worthwhile.

So, I seem to have managed to ramble on for ages considering how little I actually did last week.  Hope it wasn’t too boring!  This week I’m off to London for a couple of days shopping, eating and drinking wine with my Mum – looking forward to it.


5 thoughts on “Life Last Week #7

  1. I have been hibernating as much as possible as well ,after doing my three days a week at work,just enjoying not going out and catching up with the tbr pile of books ,and watching films etc .Talking of films Caroline your cinema room seems as if it will all be coming together soon .porthole doors and all the lighting sounds very glam,you will have to have an official opening when completed (dont forget the red carpet and posh frock ) You can do a post of your own like when you do your celebrity first night posts .x

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