Vlog: Prague Long Weekend

This time last week, we were in Prague for a long weekend with friends, partly as a belated celebration of Ashley’s 50th birthday.  I love Prague, particularly the old town, and we had a really lovely time.  Here’s a video of some of what we got up to.


8 thoughts on “Vlog: Prague Long Weekend

  1. Loved the video, the area reminds me a bit of Old Montreal with the cobbled streets. What a great hotel! Where did you stay? Love to file details like that away for future reference. How did you manage to get such great shots of yourself? Do you have one of those telescoping sticks?

    • Hi Pamela – the hotel was called Hotel Unic, and is about 10 mins walk from the Old Town Square, so was really well located for us. I don’t have a ‘selfie stick’, though we saw a lot of people who did have them while we were in Prague – they are quite the ‘in thing’ at the moment, it seems! I used a point and click Canon Powershot and just held it at arm’s length. It’s the first time I’ve tried filming with it out and about, and I was pleased with the results – far less shaky than my JVC video camera.

  2. BRILLIANT video. I remembered the Charles Bridge from when I was there but not much else. Super hotel y the looks of it. Can’t have been THAT cold if Ashley was in a hoodie? Or is he clinging to youth and not feeling the cold???

  3. Loved the vlog ,felt like i was walking the streets of Prague with you Caroline.It all looked very pretty,and restaurants looked very inviting .Hotel accommodation looked amazing.so much space.You mentioned that you had changed rooms from original,just wondered if all rooms as nice ?
    Have a lovely time in London with your mum,my son is living and working in Maidenhead,we visited in november and had a great day in Windsor,such a lovely place to visit .We have a laugh with him as he always tells us that hes living in The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.but i had to take a double look at his wheelie bin as it is royal blue in colour with those very words and royal crest on the front,so even the rubbish bin is posh lol .Hoping to visit him again next month.
    Maybe you will do a london vlog next have fun x

    • Hi Lynn – laughing at your son’s bin – brilliant! The first hotel suite we were in had one bedroom much smaller than the other, and as we were travelling as two couples, not a family, we ideally wanted equally sized bedrooms, so we moved to the one in the video on the second night, which was much better.

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