3 New Hanging Storage Ideas

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The start of a new year has seen me decluttering, sorting and generally tidying the house, and I thought I’d show you these three nifty new ideas I’ve recently used to improve the way I store things.

1.   Necklaces


You may remember that I overhauled my jewellery storage last year, and mostly I’ve been really pleased with it. However, the necklaces drove me slowly mad, as they all slid to one end of the hanger every time I took one out or put one back. So I went back to the drawing board, and I am now storing my necklaces on the these nifty wooden hangers with hooks, on the wall of my dressing room. When I eventually get round to decorating my dressing room & bedroom, I will probably spraypaint them in a colour to match whatever colour scheme I choose.

You can pick these hangers up in John Lewis, where they’re about £7 each from memory, but I found these on eBay for a fiver each.

2.   Gift Wrapping Supplies


I saw this idea on You Tube, and thought it was a brilliant space saver, as I previously had all my wrapping paraphernalia stored in a large plastic lidded box, which obviously had to be big enough to hold the long rolls of gift wrap, so was pretty giant really.

This method uses plastic see-through garment bags, which I bought again from eBay, for a couple of pounds each.   One for Christmas, and one for all other occasions. Gift tags and ribbons are now stored in a small box which on the floor of the cupboard underneath the wrap bags.

3.   Handbags


I’m lucky to have a surfeit of cupboard space in my bedroom, but I only recently realized (having lived here a year!) that a fairly empty cupboard in my bedroom had two hanging rails, which would be just perfect for storing my handbags.  I previous had my bags on a highish shelf at the top of a wardrobe, and being as short as I am, I could never find the one I wanted without pulling them all out and then having to put them all back, which became very dull after a while.

A couple of packs of hangers from Poundland later, and they are all perfectly stored, complete with dustbags, on the hanging rails. I reckon they’ll keep their shape far better this way, too. Win!


15 thoughts on “3 New Hanging Storage Ideas

  1. So jealous of your space, we still have everything crammed into two wardrobes or under the bed. We are hoping for a price for fitted hall cupboards soon so we will at least have somewhere for the bed linen, currently in a packing box in the utility and then maybe I can take up some of your great ideas. Having necklaces on display would mean wearing them more I’m sure.

  2. Oh I do love a storage solution! I’m currently overhauling my wardrobe (doing the old reverse hanger trick) and getting rid of some bits before I start working on the storage. I did hear you’re not supposed to hang necklaces as it weakens them. Love the hanging bag storage though.

    Victoria x

  3. Great ideas! I love the gift wrap – I currently have mine stored in a long box under the bed which means a) I have to drag it out everytime I need something and b) I can never remember what I have until I actually bring out the box. Much easier to have them hung up and visible in the clear garment bags.

  4. I do that with my bags. I have hooks on the inside if my wardrobe doors for necklaces. I have a fab hanger for scarves I got from ikea you can hang scarves and pashminas and it is great. Brill post. :-)x Dawn

  5. I am trying to declutter at the moment as well,so these storage ideas/solutions are a real bonus.My necklaces are on an ordinary hanger but like you say they slide all to the one end so im now going to invest in a couple of these hangers,didnt know they existed!
    The gift wrap is also one im going to copy a simple idea but so practical,and tidy,so thanks Caroline for sharing this.How was Prague? Its on my list to visit .x Lynn.

  6. I love having a good sort out and organising things. You are lucky to have so much storage space – although I think you could probably never have enough, I think we’d all fill it however much we had.

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