Journal Jar Q3: When & How Did You Learn To Drive?


I learnt to drive as soon as I was 17 – I was really excited about it.

I had driving lessons as a 17th birthday present, and was taught by a friend of a friend of my mum’s who was a driving instructor – a really lovely lady called Viv.   I also went out in my mum’s car in between lessons, and put the fear of God into both my poor parents on more than one occasion!

My Mum’s car at the time (a Toyota Corolla) was automatic, and I was learning in a manual car, so I found that all quite confusing.

I failed my test the first time, due to ‘undue hesitation’, but happily passed on my next go. I imagine my parents had mixed feelings – relief at not having to pay for any more lessons (I think I had about 50 lessons before I got through the test), and worry about me being out and about in a car all by myself!

Weird fact: Despite not having looked at a copy of the Highway Code since passing my test in 1986, I can still remember and recite all the stopping distances from 20 to 70 mph.


5 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q3: When & How Did You Learn To Drive?

  1. Crikey Caroline, to my shame I can’t remember a bloody thing about the Highway Code. Lovely pic, I don’t think I ever took a photo of my first car, a 1970 Renault 10. It was a right old banger, after a year or two I bought another, but younger old banger, a 2CV and gave the Renault to my younger brother who promptly wrote it off within a matter of weeks. I had tons of lessons too, about 40, which obviously paid off as I passed first time, in snow!

  2. I took drivers’ ed in summer school…and the instructor was a disgusting old lecher who, if he saw an attractive woman walking down the street, would make us drive around the block again for another look. <<>> I wish I had taken a photo of my first car…I loved it so.

  3. Too four times to pass. Third time I crashed in to the railings under the bridge at NA. Still thought I would pass though! Learnt to drive in a Vauxhall Viva and my first car was an Austin A35 which I loved to bits and called Baby.

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