Video: Empties – January 2015

Sorry it’s so long – I seem to have amassed rather a lot of empties since my last one and although I thought I was being quick, obviously I was far too chatty, as usual!


8 thoughts on “Video: Empties – January 2015

  1. Great reviews as always – will have to check out the Dior foundation. I’ve been gone for a few days so I’m catching up – not sure if I should say looking forward to a Prague post or have a great time!

    • Got back from Prague on Sunday – this video was due to go up last Friday while I was away but I messed up the scheduling somehow. Hence the weird timing/incorrect Prague info!

  2. Only just seen this vlog Caroline ,almost missed it ,was just scrolling down the page and found it .Such a lot of empties and very informative ,i love the way you cut the bottles in half ,i do the same and its surprising just how much is left in what you would think is an empty .Interesting your comments on Molten and Brown products ,my daughter gave me a box of their handcreams for Christmas but she said they were expensive so i have to share them with her bless !Not tried them yet .
    Are you wearing the Dior foundation in this vlog ? I think your make up looks really lovely eyemake up very nice but face make up looks perfect .I Need to up my game on the foundation as i keep wearing Nivea tinted moisturiser ,quick and easy and gives good coverage but need to upgrade !

    • Thanks, Lynn. Will be interested to hear what you think of the MB hand creams – I’m using one at the moment in my handbag (cherry? I think) and am disappointed – very little fragrance. Yes, I’m wearing the Dior foundation in this video – am so SO pleased with it!

      • Caroline i’m sorry to say that i’m not that impressed with the MB handcreams ! Yes the packaging is lovely (nice quality box with ribbon around it, similar to your bottle of Jo Malone perfume you featured on your vlog) and the three fragrances are quite nice,orange and bergamot,gingerlily and pink pepperpod but thats where it ends .I found that they didn’t absorb into the skin that well.leaving hands feeling tacky but at the same time hands felt still dry as if needed more !The saving grace being that the full price should have been £28,my daughter got them in sale plus staff discount for £8 so not complaining at that price but would have been very dissapointed if paid full price and would not repurchase even at bargain price !

      • Interesting to hear. I am disappointed with MB overall, I think. There’s very little I’ve tried from them that I’d buy again, if anything. And particularly not at full price!

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