December Movies

Another quick round of mini reviews of films I watched last month.

1.   Love & Other Impossible Pursuits


Family drama centred on a woman’s difficult relationship with her stepson.  I found myself really drawn into this film, and the acting was excellent, particularly by the little boy.  A nice film, and a believable story, with a proper beginning, middle and end.

2.   Taken 2


Having moderately enjoyed the first film, I decided to watch this sequel, but oh my goodness, it was a real disappointment.  Hammy acting and the sketchiest of plots couldn’t be saved by the action scenes, I’m afraid.  Suffice to say, I shall not be bothering with the Taken 3, which is currently at cinemas.

3.   Labor Day


Love love LOVED this movie.  Depressed single mother Adele and her pre-teen son give a strange man a lift one day, and this film tells of the consequences.   I was transfixed all the way through this film and was so rooting for a happy ending … I won’t tell you whether I got one or not, in case you haven’t seen it, but the whole thing was just brilliant.  I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a Kate Winslet movie, thinking about it.  Film of the month for me.

4.   The Wolf of Wall Street


Ashley and I watched this one evening when Will was away (thank goodness, HIGHLY unsuitable for teenagers!).  We both enjoyed it: Leonardo DiCaprio is excellent in the lead role and the story (based on a true one) is moderately entertaining with some real laugh-out-loud moments.  We both felt, however, that at three hours, it was too long for the amount of content, and parts of it felt very padded out.

* * *

I’m hoping to get to the cinema far more this year than I did last, so am looking forward to seeing more films as they come out, rather than waiting for the DVDs.  Have you seen anything good recently?


12 thoughts on “December Movies

  1. Happy New Year! Loved Wolf of Wall Street. The bit when he OD’ed on the outdated Qs and lost the use of his legs was hilarious, wasn’t it? Leo’s such a great actor.
    I don’t think Martin Scorsese has ever made a short film. x

  2. I will look out for Labor Day. Graham says any film with JB in tends to be good and with your opinion of KW too this movie sounds like it’s one to see.
    Lisa x

  3. Liam Neeson has been everywhere promoting Taken 3! I haven’t seen 2, but I’m not fussed.
    Recently watched How to Train your Dragon (love it) and the new Planet of the Apes movie. If you like sci fi, that’s really good.

  4. I have watched more films over christmas and new year than in the whole of 2014 !Taken 1 is a firm favourite in our household,we have the dvd but always seem to watch it whenever its on tv so think seen it twice over the hols.Not so keen on taken 2 but hope to see the new one soon.
    Saw sunshine on Leith ,i loved it (rest of family not so keen ).My guilty pleasure was watching and singing along to The Sound of Music knew every word lol not seen it in years..
    Under protest and totally out of my comfort zone i watched The Hunger Games and surprised
    myself by loving it ,very impressed with Jennifer Lawrence.
    Hope that you have a lovely time in Prague.have you panned your holidays for the rest of the year ?

    • I have a DVD of the Hunger Games somewhere – Will and Ashley really enjoyed it but I didn’t think it would be my sort of thing. Will dig it out and give it a go now – thanks for the recommendation, Lynn. Holidays all planned for this year, yes – bookings completed earlier this week. I’ll do a blog post soon.

  5. I’m one month behind but I just watched two of your December movies – 3 and 4 – and have the same opinion as you. Loved Labor day and the Wolf was really funny at times. Thanks for the recommendations.

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