Lots of Links!

We’ve had an incredibly lazy Sunday today – last day of the holidays, and all that.  Ashley is going back to work tomorrow and Will starts school again on Wednesday, so time for everything to get back to normal this week.  Although having said that, Ashley and I are off to Prague for four days on Thursday with friends, so ‘normality’ won’t last for long!

Anyway, start of a new year and all that, I thought I’d do a quick reminder post with a few links.

imagesTwitter – I used to love Twitter and tweeted a lot.  Then I found my feed just got too clogged up to follow unless I was on it all the time, and the amount of retweets and junky stuff  in my timeline put me off.  So I’ve had a good clear out, and reduced the number of people I follow hugely, and I’m hoping to get into using Twitter more again this year.  Follow me on Twitter here.   If I don’t follow you, and you tweet, let me know your username in the comments.


imagesFacebook – After a lot of procrastinating, I finally started a Facebook page for my blog late last year, and I try to post a photo, or an interesting link, or something funny at least once a day over there.  Come and give me a ‘like’ if you haven’t done already – it’s a great way of chatting with my readers more easily than in blog comments.



images-1Instagram – probably my favourite social media platform, I post pics of whatever’s going on in my life, from what I’m eating to my latest charity shop bargain.  My username is @caroline_mrsm if you’d like to follow me.



images-3Pinterest – I like to pin, and I’m always looking for new and interesting pinners to follow, so let me know your username so I can stalk you there!  You’ll find me here – I pin all sorts of things, but my latest boards are new ones to keep a record of books I’m reading and films I’m watching in 2015.



images-2You Tube – I do post most of my videos here on the blog, but if you click through on this link you can subscribe to my You Tube Channel direct, so you don’t miss any of my new vlogs over there.



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