2014: A Look Back At My Year

First of all, thanks to everybody who took the time to leave nice comments on yesterday’s post – all much appreciated.  As I said in reply to one of them, in 18 years of marriage you expect there to be some lows, it’s just a shame this one happened on Christmas Day!

So, time for the obligatory end of year whistle-stop tour through the last 12 months chez moi.  Let’s go!

6637 front Aidans

On 6th January 2014 , we moved from the countryside into the town, to our amazing and very individual new house.  We all three absolutely love it here, and although the whole place (all 5,000 square feet of it!) needs modernising, we’ve made a good start this year:

  • Summer house (conservatory) redecorated and updated
  • Spare bedroom updated and redecorated.
  • Lots of 1980s swirly ceiling artex replastered flat!
  • Plumbing problems fixed (though we’ll need the whole house replumbed and new central heating at some point, I suspect)
  • Currently under construction: big cinema/games room complete with ceiling projector and twinkly star lights.
  • Installed hot tub (complete with pop up TV screen – NOT my idea!)

Suffice to say I think it will be a 10 year project to get the whole thing done, but we’re enjoying the process as much as the results.

* * *

We had the worst winter ever in the UK – terrible floods and storms, and the rain was just relentless.  Every day brought news of more floods and storm damage: our local main railway line was so severely damaged that it was out of action from January until Easter.  Living as we do on the top of the hill, we weren’t in any danger of flooding, but the winds were so high that they kept knocking the broadband connection out.  First world problems, eh? 😉

* * *


In the Easter school holidays, I took Will up to Birmingham for a trip to the Gadget Show Live.   We had a great day out, culminating in the biggest surprise of our lives, when Will’s name was picked from an audience of thousands to win the big prize of the day  – £3.5k of gadgets, including an Xbox One and the biggest TV I’ve ever seen!  A day we will certainly remember forever.

* * *

It was a mixed year as far as holidays went: my failed trip to Spain in June set the tone for one of the worst fortnights we’ve ever had on holiday, in Lanzarote in July.  Not to be recommended, and after our previous trip to Tenerife, I can honestly say that the Canaries are not for us and we won’t be going ever again!

Ashley and I sneaked in a cheeky week in Greece at the end of September, which was very relaxing, and lovely to catch up with friends. We’ve booked to go back for our 10th visit to the same hotel in July 2015, which will be the last time we are able to take William with us there, and we’re really looking forward to it.

IMG_3975Our big family holiday in October was a good one, and we all really liked Dubai.  Two weeks of beautiful sunshine and blue skies was just what we needed after huddling under a towel in Lanzarote in July, and we made the most of the gorgeous weather, and also explored the city a little bit as well.  I’d love to go back one day.

* * *

Summer-time saw us having a big housewarming party.  We hadn’t thrown a big party for 12 years, so it was time really, and this house is a perfect party house.  We welcomed around 70 friends and family, and it was a great success, though absolutely exhausting – next time I’m getting the caterers in!  The evening culminated in a huge firework display at the end of the garden, and the rain just about held off – perfect!

Whilst on the subject of summer, after the awful winter, we had one of the hottest summers for years.  It was lovely to wake up every morning to blue skies and Mediterranean temperatures.  Fingers crossed for the same in 2015!

* * *

Ashley and I have both had busy years with work – Ashley’s expanded and now has a new branch open, along with more staff.  I thank my lucky stars every day for the flexibility of working at home, hours to suit myself, and for the amazing views from my office at home.  I really hope I never have to go back to working for somebody else – although I think I’m probably unemployable by now, anyway!

* * *

Blog-wise, it’s great to have come to the end of another year and still be enthused about writing about my life and keeping this ‘ere little corner of the internet updated.  And of course thanks so much to those of you who take the time to comment.  Knowing somebody is out there reading is what it’s all about, really – so please know I do really appreciate it.

I have LOVED the move into vlogging this year – I enjoy making my videos so much, and it’s been great to do something a bit different, and learn about editing (something totally new to me).  I’m proud of how much my videos (and in particular my editing skills) have improved over the course of the year.

IMG_4256I haven’t crocheted so much this year, though I did manage to finish the snowflake Crochet-A-Long, and displayed all my snowflakes in a garland along my mantelpiece over Christmas, which l received many nice comments about.

* * *

Well, that’s about it for this year.  It’s been a good one – a mix of hard work, good fun, change (always good) and moving forward.  Which is kind of a metaphor for life, I guess.

So, all that is left for me to say is thanks for reading in 2014, I hope your year has been a good one, and all the very best for a happy and healthy New Year.

Bring on 2015!



10 thoughts on “2014: A Look Back At My Year

  1. Don’t tend to comment much…can never think of anything witty and interesting to say, but have loved looking all your blogs and vlogs. Always make’s me smile when the Mrs M’s email arrives and I have to read immediately. Keep them coming I can’t wait for next years xxx

  2. What a great post – I’m off to do mine as we had a busy 2014. Love your snowflake garland. I never start my morning without a quick pop over to see if you have a blog post up and have really enjoyed your vlogs this year. Looking forward to seeing more in 2015. Happy New Year!

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