November Movies

A quick round-up of the films I watched last month.

1.   The Fault In Our Stars


Having read the book back in the summer, I thought I knew what I was letting myself in for, and fully expected to have a tear in my eye while I watched this sad-but-uplifting teenage cancer/love story.  Had I known, however, that it would actually be a full-on sob-a-thon, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to watch it on a plane …  not a good look.  Great film, though, I thought it was a fabulous adaptation, and actually enjoyed it more than the book, which is rare.

2.   The Other Woman



Far more suitable for watching in the air, this was the second of the movies I chose on the journey home from Dubai, and it was great fun.  Easy-watching comedy, and Cameron Diaz in the type of role she plays best.

3.   The Inbetweeners 2


I love The Inbetweneers – God knows why, it’s really not my type of comedy at all, but it just makes me giggle.  This was my third in-flight choice, and I loved it.  I didn’t think it would be as enjoyable as the first Inbetweeners film, but it was just as good, maybe even better in parts.  Brilliant.

4.   Saving Mr Banks


Emma Thompson was so good in this film.  I didn’t know much about it before I watched it, and was quite surprised to discover it was based on a true story, of the making of the film of Mary Poppins.  Emma Thompson plays PL Travers, the author of the original books, and Tom Hanks is Walt Disney.  Some great character acting and a lovely story – another really enjoyable film.

5.   Fast Girls


A British film about the rivalry between two professional female sprinters.  I didn’t have high hopes, but ended up really liking this.  Enjoyable story, and with some well-known faces popping up here and there.

6.   Pitch Perfect


American musical comedy.  Not the worst I’ve ever seen, but I could have done without the projectile vomit scenes, I must say.  Why spoil an otherwise not-too-bad film with that sort of thing?  Really most unpleasant.  The acapella singing was very good, though.


Movie of the month?  Saving Mr Banks, I think.  That would be my top recommendation.

Have you seen any good films lately?



13 thoughts on “November Movies

  1. I haven’t watched Fault in our Stars yet but I keep putting it off. I’m not a weeper but I fear this film could change that!! Have you seen ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’ or ‘Walk to Remember’ my god them two films get me every time!

    The Other Woman I watched coming back from Vegas and annoyingly missed the end due to landing!!!

    I still need to get around to the Inbetweeners second instalment as like you it makes me laugh. As for Saving Mr Banks I found the movie dull – controversial! Whilst I thought Emma Thompson was amazing (and I love her anyway!) I just found PL Travers such a vile woman I didn’t enjoy watching it.

    I actually caught Fast Girls some time ago, I think it was on Netflix or something like that and whilst I put it on in the background I really ended up enjoying like you did.

    Again I’m with you the vomit scene in Pitch Perfect was gross and I always fast forward it if I ever have the film on. I did enjoy it and like the ending/music chose etc but it was a bit twee and I had high hopes this would be as LOL as Bridesmaids!

    Phew that was a long lengthy comment!!!


  2. I watched Fault in Our Stars on a flight too!!! Maybe I was bracing myself for it but I found it very long….. and ok. Didn’t read the book yet and not sure i will rush to after the movie. Maybe I was jaded as I hadn’t read the book? Also laughed a lot about ‘The other woman’ – and on your recommendation just ordered Inbetweeners 2 which Sadie saw in Ireland in the summer and I haven’t seen – won’t be released here either…. have not seen many movies this month at all!! Fell asleep in Big Hero 6 at the cinema in the new comfy chairs – does that count?

  3. Watch the inbetweeners and I think the first one is better. Havent seem the Fault in Our Stars as I read the book and I will cry like crazy.

    Watched the War Horse today. No one else in the house, there may have been a bit where I gasped out loud “get up horsey” and was blubbing like an idiot.

    I also watched Winter Soldier one of the Captain America films. if you are into that type of thing I think it is the best Captain America film so far.

    How is your home Cinema getting on? I cant wait to see it!

    • Hi Sol – I saw War Horse at the cinema – brilliant film. Recorded it the other day when it was on as Ashley hasn’t seen it, so will be watching again soon. Saw the first Captain America with Will at the cinema, and enjoyed it moderately considering it’s not my type of thing at all. Cinema room coming on very slowly. Ashley had hoped it would be done by Xmas, but I suspect maybe not, now …!

  4. Good films! I’m not in to the Inbetweeners, but the other films sound good. The Daughter wants me to watch The Fault in Our Stars. I cry at the adverts so she says this one is perfect for me!

  5. I am not going to watch TFIOS. Call me a wuss but I don’t want to be a blubbering wreck!
    Saving Mr B is on Netflix and something we hope to watch this weekend. I’m looking forward to it even more now.
    Lisa x

  6. Oh my god I loveeeee ‘The other Woman’. I can honestly say for me it was one of the funniest films I have seen in a long long time. I think Cameron Diaz is fab anyway. Great post by the way 😁👏
    Sam xxxx

  7. I’m not a big film fan however I LOVE The Inbetweeners and will have to get dvd now it’s been released, have seen the first one several times. Have you seen I Capture The Castle? It was recommended and I think it might be my cup of tea.

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