Currently: November 2014



I started this before I went to Dubai last month, but left it at home as I only wanted to take my Kindle and this is a paperback. I finally picked it up again yesterday and am currently trying to remind myself who everybody is and what’s going on. It’s not as good as some of JoJo Moyes’ other books that I’ve read, so far.


Nothing really. Must put some CDs into my car.



Am sad that the second series of Wentworth Prison has finished – I really enjoyed it – it’s a world away from the original Prisoner Cell Block H, which it was loosely based on – great characters and gritty, realistic storylines. Looking forward to the next series now.

Also enjoying the BBC series The Missing, with James Nesbitt, though I was quite surprised to read that there are still another four episodes to go – I hope there’s enough content to merit that many.



Lots of lip balm as I have terribly dry lips in the winter. My favourites are Carmex Original Formula and Roche-Posay Cicaplast

 Frequently Worn Outfits/Items

bk422112_isWinter boots. Just bought myself a new pair of black ankle boots to replace a pair that I LIVED in last winter and have finally bitten the dust.


Casseroles with mashed potato and green veg. Ashley made a yummy beef bourgignon last weekend, and it was so nice, he made another this weekend!


A lot of tea – mostly builders, but sometimes Earl Grey or Chai in the afternoon.


Christmas shopping. Oh, how I hate it.


Big night out #latergram #littlemomentsapp

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Fab night out at our local Indian on Saturday. Five couples and six teenagers. We met when the kids all started school together back in 2004 and although we don’t get together often, we always have a really nice evening when we do. It was the first time the kids had joined us, and a good time was had by all. We ended up back at ours for coffee and I think we eventually got to bed just after 2 am!


Christmas, I guess. I’m usually a bit meh about Christmas, but it’s the first one in our new house, and I’m looking forward to decorating and putting the tree up, particularly as we didn’t bother last year, as we were in the midst of packing to move house.


SD_01_T01_8658_T0_X_EC_90Oooh, all sorts, but in particular this gorgeous fleecy cape/coat from M&S which I spied in store last week.

Random Thought

Why have so many eBay buyers bought stuff and not paid yet? Grrrr.



7 thoughts on “Currently: November 2014

  1. Very nice boots. I love capes and pleased they have made a come back. I am looking forward to putting up our tree and decorations too X Dawn

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