Journal Jar Q44. Have You Inherited Any of Your Father’s Traits?

The short answer to this question is no, I don’t think I have.  When I think about it more, though, perhaps I do have some similarities to my father.  I am more like my Mum than I am my Dad, both physically and, I think, in characteristics.

As I get older, I can hear myself saying the same things, in the same tone of voice, to Will, as my Mum used to say to me when I was a teenager.  I can also see the physical similarities between us when I catch sight of my face at certain angles.

My mum and I share the same temper – we blow up, get it off our chest, and get over it, all very quickly.  Neither of us are ones to sulk or to hold a grudge.

I am a very organised and methodical person, and I think I inherit these traits from both my parents.

It’s interesting to wonder how much of your personality and characteristics is inbuilt/inherited and how much is learnt from our upbringing.

For example, both myself and my brother are hard workers, always have been, always will be – I feel like this is probably more due to the example set to us by our parents during our formative years.   And I wonder if the fact that our parents are still married to each other (as are both our spouses’ parents), is related to the fact that Nick and I are both still happily married.  I mean, it’s not just luck, is it, marriage?  It’s not all a bed of roses, and if you are both happy to accept that there will be ups and downs, and that marriage is something that needs working at, then you’re more likely to pull together to make it work, I guess, than if one or both of you have come from a broken home (to use an expression I dislike), hence making separation/divorce more acceptable, somehow.

I seem to have waffled on and got myself totally off the subject I started on!  Reading back through I’ve sort of answered the question.  I found it quite a hard one, to be honest.

Back tomorrow with something a bit less deep – a beauty vlog!  See you then x





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