Life Last Week #6

Oh my goodness, how did we end up more than halfway through November?  I can’t believe that it’s only a matter of weeks until Christmas ….

Last week was another crazy busy one and went by in a flash, once again.

Nothing very exciting happened – just the usual juggling of work, home, unsuccessful furniture shopping, appointments, social things and life in general.  The weather was mostly wet and blowy.

Not the sort of day that makes me want to leave the house!

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I did make a start on my Christmas shopping, thank goodness – all online as usual.  I don’t know how I ever lived without online shopping, I honestly don’t.  Life has changed so dramatically since the inception of the internet and, although without doubt it’s an amazing thing and generally nothing but positive, I often wish William could have experienced life without it – things were just so much simpler and slower then.

Bloody hell, talk about sounding middle-aged!  *Administers sharp slap to self*

My broadband connection was (and still is) very sporadic and I wouldn’t like to count the number of hours I spent on the phone to BT’s ‘help’desk in India.  They are sending an engineer tomorrow, so hopefully it will be resolved.

I did my first round of the charity shops in aaages, and picked up a couple of pairs of shoes.  Also some Rimmel bargains from Poundland.

#Rimmel #Poundland #bargains

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Ashley was in London on Friday evening for a conference, and I had visions of a cosy evening in front of the TV with William.  In actual fact, I sat by myself in the lounge with a glass of wine for most of it, and Will only emerged from his bedroom for long enough to order and eat Domino’s pizza, before returning to his XBox.  Charming!

Saturday night we went out with friends for a meal to Michael Caines’ restaurant in Exeter – the food was very average, but the evening was fun.  Here’s a rare selfie with my outfit of choice for the evening.

Tonight's outfit of choice – though a rain mac and wellies would be more appropriate!

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Sunday morning brought showers, so rather than get up and go to the bootsale, I snuggled back down in my bed – lovely!  I took Ashley to see a potential sofa that I’d seen while he was away, that I liked – unsurprisingly, he didn’t like it!  I think I may order it anyway, though, as I haven’t seen anything else I like, and time is marching on.

I finished all my crochet snowflakes this week – I have really enjoyed making these, and now just have to decide how I’m going to display them at Christmas – so many options …

#snowflakecal all finished! So pleased with them!

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And that was another week over …

How was your’s?



11 thoughts on “Life Last Week #6

  1. Freeeezing. We got down to -18 C. So it was a mad scramble to find boots/gloves/hats that still fit everyone (always is the first snow fall of the season). Keep in mind it had been 23 degrees the day before……
    I also love the boots!!!

  2. Love your outfit! My week’s post is up with a couple of photos. I saw a cute idea for the snowflakes – suspend them on that invisible fishing wire in the window and vary the lengths of the wire, looks very pretty.

  3. My new oven was delivered so I can finally bake again and I was rather successful in the chazzas.
    Weather wise…it’s been pissing down all week. Lovely crochet Caroline, so pretty, do show us what you come up with.

  4. Love the snowflakes and the outfit. Hope you get your internet situation straightened out soon. I desperately hate interacting with call center help for things like that.

  5. You are certainly doing better than me, hardly a Christmas present or card bought and the furniture we have ordered for the new apartment won’t be delivered until well into the New Year. Lots of misty wet days, this is not my favourite time of year.

  6. Love your outfit Caroline,two of my favourite colours purple and black.I have yet to start my Christmas shopping plus i have husbands birthday on 13th of December and daughters birthday on 21st December! All gets a bit muddled with birthday cards and Christmas cards fighting for a place alongside Christmas tree .!

  7. Yep I agree with the online shopping, so handy as it cuts down on the hours spent in too hot shops carrying stuff.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the snowflakes, pinterest is normally good for some inspiration.
    Lisa x

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