Life Last Week #5

We left our hotel in Dubai early on Monday morning and spent the majority of the day on the plane home.  We are lucky enough to travel Business Class on our longhaul family holidays, so it was quite a pleasant 8 hours, stretched out on a comfy chair with my feet up, being served delicious food and drink, and watching movies.


Virgin Atlantic afternoon tea – yum!

We landed at Heathrow mid-afternoon and by the time we’d driven the long drive back to Devon, it was after 7 (though nearly midnight Dubai-time), so we did a bit of unpacking and pretty much fell into bed.

Tuesday morning we were awake early (hello, jetlag!) so the 8 am appointment at the surgery for Will to have an ECG wasn’t too bad.  It was so quick that we even got to school on time afterwards.  We had another appointment even earlier on Wednesday morning, to get the ECG results with the doctor, and I’m pleased to say that all was in order and nothing untoward was detected.

As usual, the couple of days after returning from holiday were taken up with laundry, emails, unpacking, more laundry, grocery shopping, yadda yadda.  Nothing exciting to report there.

Wednesday evening saw the inauguration of our hot tub, complete with colour changing lights – very 70s!


Friday was William’s school’s Remembrance Service & Speech Day, and my parents came down to stay overnight so they could attend with us.  It’s the first Speech Day I’ve attended since he’s been in the Senior School (the date usually clashes with our October holiday), and I really enjoyed it.  They have a new Headmaster, and it was the first time we’d met him – first impressions were very good, I must say.  William won Progress Prize for Year 9.

Friday evening I cooked dinner and we had a few drinks and spent a nice evening chatting over the holiday with Mum and Dad.

Saturday didn’t start well – rain AND a ‘full and frank discussion’ with William about the state of his room, his grumpy attitude, his lack of organisation and his predilection for blaming everybody else when something goes wrong for him.  This was all brought on by him getting up too late to have breakfast before his 10.30 am appointment at the chiropodist, and then making an arrangement to go and stay with his grandmother for 24 hours without even asking us if that was OK beforehand.  So, appointment over, photographs of chiropidist’s new baby (Geoffrey) duly admired, and verrucas once again treated, Will and I repaired to a small cafe for coffee for me and tea and a large slice of cake (breakfast!) for him.  We had another chat and I tried to explain to him how things looked from my perspective, and he seemed to take it on board.   For about three days, if past situations are anything to go by, I’m sure!

Honestly, parenting a teenager is not an activity I find easy at all, or even particularly enjoyable 80% of the time.

Saturday afternoon was spent furniture shopping with Ashley – it was GHASTLY.  We didn’t find anything we liked, and we seemed to spend most of the time either stuck in traffic or looking for a parking space.  Awful.  No wonder I do most of my shopping online these days.

With William at MIL’s  for the night, we had a nice relaxing Saturday evening and a steak dinner cooked by Ashley.  Saturday evening TV viewing really is dire, though, isn’t it?  Good thing I had plenty to watch on Sky Plus!

Sunday morning was COLD – I had to scrape the ice off the car before venturing out to the car boot sale, where I picked up a few bargains – thankfully the cold hadn’t put the sellers off, and there was a good turnout.  The rest of Sunday was spent very lazily, I must admit, though I did list a few things on eBay in the afternoon.  I did my usual planning for the week ahead – menu plan, online grocery shop, diary organising and blog plan – it’s always a nice feeling to know that I’m all sorted for the coming week.

The week ended with roast dinner with sausages (we were too lazy to go to the supermarket and get a joint of meat!) and Saturday’s Dr Who (for the boys – my nose was in my book!).





10 thoughts on “Life Last Week #5

  1. Great post – all your food pics are making my tummy grumble with hunger… that dinner Oooooh!! I totally get the grumpy teenager as I was the eldest of four siblings and of course had to put up with it three times over… though I will hold my hands up and say that I was by far the worst as a teenager for my parents – which I whole heartedly regret. However at 22 I became a step-mum to two teenage girls who had lost their mum only a few years prior. It can be a really testing experience and I totally understand your frustrations, however someday it will all come to pass 🙂 Karen x

  2. The hot tub looks fab,purple is my favourite of the colours. I have three boys and I remember the grumpy teen phase,the messy room , we had that x 3 not pleasant and quite stressful at times. That dinner looks so scrummy!
    x Dawn

  3. Not really a comment regarding teenagers/Dubai but having followed your blog for a while I wondered if you could recommend a hand cream for very dry hands? I used to use a really good one from Avon but they discontinued it and I’ve not been able to find another one as good.

  4. Oh the teenage years. Full on here too. Bee is the worst. Her issue is time management. Hubby said just yesterday how we need to have a wifi block system in her room so she doesn’t just go in and waste time on line instead of doing her homework and tidying her room etc. She gets it all done in the end but gets up at 5am to do so and then is a horror….. Oh the joys. I only have another 10+ years to go……
    PS I now want sausages….

  5. love that the hot tub has lights that change colour. my room was always untidy when I was at home. When I look back I can actually blame it on not having enough cupboard space and my mum not letting us throw clothes away as “they can always be used as hand me downs”. in the interim they lived in my cupboards.

  6. Firstly I must say your roasties look nice and crispy, just as they should be!
    Teenagers are flipping hard work aren’t they. Tony is the same. No idea about how much time is needed to get things done, drives me insane. And if you don’t want to talk about what he wants to talk about because you may be in the middle of something and you say so then you’re in a bad mood!
    Well done to William on the prize though.
    Lisa x

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