Video: October Favourites – And A Fail!

I may still be away sunning myself, but here’s a chatty video about a few of the things I’ve been enjoying this month.


6 thoughts on “Video: October Favourites – And A Fail!

  1. Interesting vlog. Interested in the cleansing balm but you said you washed your face first!!! I never wear perfume in the warm months as it attracts mosses here. Wish I could get to Wilkinsons for the eyeliners! I did buy a Boots long lasting eyeliner. Long lasting! What rubbish it just smudges off so quickly and you can’t sharpen the end so you get a fat line instead of. Thin one.

    • I remove my make-up first with micellar water, then use the cleansing balm as a second cleanse to get rid of any remaining make-up. Double cleansing, it’s quite common.

  2. Love your cardigan! As always, a super informative vlog; must Google Emma Hardy and see if her products are available here in the States. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday – can’t wait to read all about it.

  3. I was going to say we call it a ‘water pick’ over here but then you mentioned that too, I love mine too but have sensitive teeth so only use warm water in it. A friend of a friend had her whole house flood as her husband used to put his ‘used’ floss down the loo and they had old pipes and all the floss got caught in the sticky out bits of the pipes internally and everything backed up and flooded their main floor…
    Where in UK sells Emma Hardy stuff? Please let me know if you can… very intrigued!!

    • Hiya – Emma Hardie is available instore at Space NK (not that there’s one anywhere near where I live!) and lots of places online. Maybe some larger Debenhams as well, I think. x

  4. I am a big fan of the Sanctuary range. The eye liner looks great I must try that. Avon sell one pretty much the same for 1.99 but were on offer recently for 1.00 each plus I get 25% off as I am a rep. The mini perfumes would make great table favours.
    Fab Vlog. X Dawn

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