Life Last Week #4

Last week, thankfully, was somewhat quieter and calmer than the previous one, with nothing much very exciting to report at all.

But I do like weeks like that – it’s nice to be able to get little jobs done around the house that have been hanging about in the background, vaguely irritating me, for ages.  And to catch up a little bit with the Sky Plus.  To have some lazy evenings with a hot bath and a face mask, and paint my nails.  To spend a whole morning filming videos for my You Tube channel.  And just not to be rushing around like a headless chicken!

I have got one vaguely amusing story to tell you.  Friday morning, Will had an appointment at the Dr’s for an ECG at 8.45 am, and when we turned up, they had no record of an appointment that morning, and in fact their computer showed that the appointment had been the previous morning at 8.45 which, obviously, we’d missed.  I was really quite irritated, swore they were completely wrong and blamed the woman I’d spoken to on the phone, who’d been making two separate appointments for Will, one for a follow-up to the ECG, and who had got completely confused with dates and times and got us both tied up in knots trying to sort it out.  I heaved several large sighs, rolled my eyes a lot and was generally quite abrupt and made it very clear I wasn’t impressed.

Then I got home, and discovered that the appointment WAS in my diary for the previous day, not the Friday!  Large slice of humble pie for me, then.  I did phone the surgery, speak to the woman I’d dealt with, admit my mistake and apologise profusely.  But I felt quite embarrassed about the whole thing for the rest of the day!

The weekend was fairly quiet – Will went to stay with his cousins at MIL’s, which was nice for him, and we had friends over for a very raucous and entertaining evening on Saturday.  Other than that, we were quite lazy.

Here are a few pics from my week.


Reg is very keen on his new cat bed, surprisingly.  Knowing how contrary my cats usually are, I fully expected him to take one look at it and refuse to go anywhere near it!


This month’s Glossybox was a good one – lovely selection of products and a super-pretty box, too.


Thursday became the new Friday, as I celebrated having booked next summer’s holiday with a nice glass of pinot grigio.


My flavoured coffee habit reached new heights of ridiculous.


Ashley ‘checking the structural integrity of our beams’ at about midnight on Saturday.  It seemed like a good idea at the time!


9 thoughts on “Life Last Week #4

    • I’m not very keen on the syrups, as they are so sugary, and I don’t take sugar in tea or coffee. These have the flavour but not the sugar, which works well for me.

  1. I quite fancy the coffees but can only drink decaf as the normal stuff upsets my tum!
    Shame as though flavours sound interesting.
    Lisa x

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