Journal Jar Q48: Write About Your Favourite Job | Part 2

So here is the second part of my two-part series on my working life. Part 1, if you missed it, is here.

 Business Development Co-ordinator

Another grand title for a not-so-grand job! It was a new business start-up within Plymouth University, government-funded, to support small food producers in the South West.   I had a lovely office with French doors out to a beautiful garden but the main thing I remember about that job is being incredibly lonely, as I was working alone, as my boss was always out and about. It was hellishly quiet and I was bored much of the time. I stayed less than a year.

Recruitment Consultant

Out of the frying pan into the fire – I took this job in Exeter city centre, which was quite a long commute, and horrendously long hours.   I loved the girls I worked with, and many parts of the job I really enjoyed, but I loathed the pressure to sell, and didn’t any have confidence in my sales ability. I had sleepless nights over the cold calling that we had to do.

It all started falling apart fairly rapidly towards the end of my 12 months there – my boss was losing the plot (he was having problems at home and becoming quite volatile in the office); I received a phone call at home at 4 in the morning from the company’s Night Service wanting information which had been faxed to them the day before, which I complained about, but my boss seemed to think a 4 am phone call was perfectly acceptable; and the final straw – my mum phoned me at work (a very rare occurrence), and left a message with my boss for me to call her back, as I was on another call. My boss didn’t give me the message, and my mum eventually phoned again. She had called to tell me my grandmother had died. The boss didn’t even apologise.

I left that day and never went back. My letter of resignation crossed in the post with their’s, firing me.

PA to Chairman

After licking my wounds for a month or so, I took this job, very close to home, with good hours and nice people, organizing the life and work of a very busy, and very nice, chap. It was just what I needed at the time – really interesting work, reasonable hours, good money and plenty of autonomy as far as organizing my own workload was concerned.  I stayed for a very happy two years until I went on maternity leave. I would happily have gone back, but they needed me to work full-time and I only wanted part-time after having Will.


I started this job when Will was five months old, working in the Property Department at the local Council, two days a week on a job-share. Again, it was just what I needed at the time – getting out of the house a couple of days a week, work not too arduous, wearing something smart and not covered in baby sick, and mixing with other adults rather than just a baby!

I left after four years, when Will started school, as I wanted to be able to pick him up at the end of the school day, and I didn’t finish work until 5.30 pm, so the hours didn’t really work for me any more.

Clerk to Governors

I’ve been doing this job for the best part of 10 years now. It’s VERY part-time, mostly working from home, for a local Primary School. I started at one school, then took on another school and worked for both for some time, then dropped the first one, and am still at the second one.

I like the work, it’s really quite easy money, and the way it fits into my life suits me perfectly.

eBay Queen

My other current ‘job’, which I love 98% of the time and loathe the other 2%! I feel as though it’s my perfect niche, and I really wouldn’t change my working life now for anything. It suits me really well.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my career history as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it – it’s brought back all sorts of memories. I’d love to know what some of my readers have done work-wise – what was your favourite/worst job?


12 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q48: Write About Your Favourite Job | Part 2

  1. I don’t blame you leaving and never going back; how horrible was that boss not to pass that message on? What an interesting career path; mine was quite boring until recently when it’s started to look a lot more mixed!

  2. What an interesting post… really enjoyed reading this. what a horrible experience as a Recruitment Consultant, I’m sure you were over joyed to see the back of it! My Fav job has to be what I do now… writing. Although there’s day’s I get tired, I never tire of writing (if that makes sense lol) My worst job was working in a pokey little office entering data for a Fruit & Veg company (the things you do eh?) It was part time office work but the place was so cold and i was on my own at night time. Horribly lonely and boring – I lasted ten days!!!

  3. I’ve been in a real blog funk lately and this post has perked me right up. I’ll be working on my post this week (I would say tomorrow but with a busy calendar the next two days, “this week” is as much of a commitment as I can make!). Thank you!

  4. I hope its OK for me to say that like you I’ve never had a real career, just a series of jobs to pay the bills. I was probably never cut out to work for other people even though I love admin and organising, I am so happy now I please myself. Sounds like you’ve finally found the perfect position.

  5. I presume the PA role was our mutual employer never realised you were pregnant. When first reading this I thought no this couldn’t be possible as Will is 13 and I only worked there a few short years ago! The time just flies. Glad you left that recruitment role what a bastard how can 4 am be acceptable in anyone’s book!

    I have had some great jobs but I do remember working at a private boys school where the headmaster was so tight and horrible that he refused to have the heating on in Reception during the winter and I had to sit there freezing with my coat and mittens on. I was also accused of stealing a paper clip! I used to come home and cry.

    • Even worse than you thought – Will is going to be 15 in Feb!! You must’ve known I was pregnant at the time, as I worked up until I was 8 and a half months! Your school job sounds horrid!

  6. Found these 2 posts very interesting. But then I am a bit nosy!
    You sound like you have enjoyed most of your jobs which I think is wonderful seeing as we spend so much time doing them we should try and go for something we like doing.
    Jobs have been such a big part of life for us both these past few years. What with cutbacks both of our jobs have been dicey at times, changes of office base have impacted on our home life along with a change in hours. Then my job change after 22 years in the civil service wasn’t the right move in the end which added to the frustration. Fingers crossed this new one brings happier times!
    Lisa x

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