Bookmarks, TV In The Bedroom, Reading & Judgment


Well, there’s a catchy post title. Not.

Y’know how, when you come across something interesting on t’internet, and you bookmark it to come back to it at a later date? That.

Last month I bookmarked this post over at Fat Mum Slim, because she asked for book recommendations and, like the proverbial moth to a flame when it comes to anything to do with books, I thought I’d revisit it and look at the comments to see if there were any recommendations that appealed to me.

And I’ve just got around to doing so. I’ll be honest – most of the book recommendations were either ones I’ve read already or ones that aren’t really my cup of tea. But what REALLY struck me about the comments was how people felt the need to justify themselves for having a TV in their bedroom!

I was really surprised in this day and age that there seems to be a bit of a guilty feeling about it and, apparently, a deep-seated NEED to make an excuse. Weird – particularly in this day and age.

I have a TV in my bedroom. Have done for years.  It works for us as a family on several levels:

  • Weekdays, I get up as soon as the alarm goes off, and get straight to my desk. The husband likes to sit in bed with a coffee for half an hour and watch the news before he gets up.
  • Evenings, I tend to retire to my bedroom early (oh Lord, I sound like a Downton Abbey character!), and sometimes I’ll watch TV or a DVD while I potter about taking off my make-up, doing a face mask or whatever. William sometimes comes and joins me on the bed for a chat and ends up watching something with me.
  • Weekend afternoons, Ashley and Will often like to watch the Grand Prix or some dreadful old film (westerns or sci fi = dreadful in my world!) in the lounge, so I will retire to the bedroom to watch something more suited to my taste.

Having a TV in the bedroom doesn’t stop me reading. Last year I read around 100 books, this year it’ll be less, but I’m already up to 65 ish. I love reading. I love TV.

Some people don’t enjoy reading. Some people don’t enjoy TV. One is not better or more worthy or more valid than the other.

But clearly, judging from the comment thread on FatMumSlim’s post, there is some sort of perception reading is a more ‘acceptable’ pastime than watching TV.

A healthy mix is good, I think.

Over to you, readers. What do you think? TV in the bedroom or not? Are you a reader AND a TV watcher, or do you come down on one side or the other? If you don’t read books, do you feel the need to justify yourself? Do let me know.





8 thoughts on “Bookmarks, TV In The Bedroom, Reading & Judgment

  1. Ooooh interesting I do like a debate. When I lived at my parents I naturally had a tv in my bedroom as that was where I spent the majority of my time unless I wanted to watched Eggheads with the parents! When I moved into my flat I of course took said tv with me and it remained in my bedroom. I made the decision not to have Sky Multi Room mainly due to the fact I can be rather sloth like and if I had access to Sky in the bedroom I’d rarely move from my bed at weekends – or at least not as early as I do sometimes because I want to watch something specific.

    I have been thinking recently that when my tv goes caput I won’t replace it as I only watch YouTube via Apple TV in my bedroom and I could do that with my laptop/ipad and the tv looks out of place with it’s new style so it’s for aesthetic reasons only.

    To be honest I don’t watch much tv in my bedroom mainly due to living alone and when I go to bed it’s to ‘go to bed’ but I see nothing wrong with sitting in bed with a cup of tea at the weekend/any day of the week watching a bit of tv.

    What I do hate is that interior magazines don’t ever show realistic images of tvs in bedrooms etc. I appreciate they’re not always the most attractive of things but surely that is their challenge!

    Apparently I had a lot to say on this subject ;o)

    Victoria xx

    • Agree completely about decorator magazines not showing tvs in bedrooms…or hardly ever in living rooms even. And I think it’s kind of hypocritical when television actors are on talk shows and seemingly inevitably mention that they never watch tv. Oh, gee… if we all follow their lead, they will all be out of jobs. 🙂

  2. I’d never criticise anyone for reading too much but strangely my husband can’t stop complaining about the number of books I brought when we moved recently. Apparently he was telling a friend who is also an avid reader again only this week. Equally he likes to have a tv in the bedroom, I detest it though I will put it on if I’m changing the bed or cleaning the room. So our house is completely divided on these issues, we each tolerate the other’s preferences but only just.

  3. We have had a TV in the bedroom for years and years but I only used to watch like you if there was sport on in the lounge and I wanted something else or getting ready to go out. Now we can only get Sky News on that telly due to south of Spain no longer receiving satellite signal. And boy is there only so much news that you can watch. So I have recently started bringing my laptop in and with a VPN watching that. But I never watch TV in bed at night. We tend to like the same shows and my OH goes to bed before me. So I then catch up on Orange is the New Black for instance. But I also only read in bed before my siesta and in the early evening and in the garden. If the book is particularly good I will multi task and read and watch at the same time. But then I love reading.

  4. we only have a tv in the lounge. My house is extremely small so no room for a TV any where else. I read my kindle in bed every night for at least an hour and when I was ill in January I had the DVD’s playing on the laptop when I was awake enough. Its a bit different when you have kids I think. We don’t so only 1 TV.

    I would love a media room like a cinema. I dream of those sofa/chairs like in Friends where the foot bit flicks out in Chandler and Joes apartment. how cool!

  5. We’ve always had a tv in the bedroom, or at least for a LONG time, but never paid to have receiver for cable/satellite in bedroom, relying on the local stations only for bedroom and cable/satellite in family room only. A few years ago when all televisions in the US went digital, we didn’t update to digital tv for the bedroom going without instead. Until my husband, always a huge baseball fan, went INSANE and started watching the games EVERY single day. I did not discuss, I announced that I would be ordering satellite receiver for the bedroom and he was expected to purchase and install television immediately. Small price for peace in the family.

  6. I haven’t had one in my bedroom since I moved out of my parents house but I do like it when I’m back there, more so for having something on when I’m pottering around than watching before bed. I have a fiance who dislikes reading and watching TV so we certainly are all different.

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