Video: Make-Up & Skincare Storage & Organisation


6 thoughts on “Video: Make-Up & Skincare Storage & Organisation

  1. OMG I cannot believe how much you have. I would love to come and raid your boxes! Just bought Benefit mascara and very impressed. Also I was given a Pixi eye primer which I requested for my birthday. What do you think of eye primers?

    • Eye primers are an essential for me these days, both from the point of view of being a good base for eye shadow, and for making it last much longer. Currently using one that came in a Glossybox, by an American brand, Absolute, which is very good, but my favourite is the Elf one, which is super cheap – always a plus!

  2. I do feel a bit better about the quantity of products I have but with much less storage than you I am really struggling to organise since our move. I might have to send a crate full down to you because I did see some space on your shelves Great tour by the way, thanks for that.

  3. There were 2 small tubes by your bed… one was a pale green – I think you said hand cream? Can you tell me where they were from (M&S?) because I had matching shower gels which were really good but I threw them away when used without remembering what brand….. thanks. xx

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