Four Film Recommendations

I haven’t done a movies post in ages (note to self: restart blogging monthly movies watched), so I thought I do a quick round-up of a few films I’ve enjoyed watching recently.

1.   What Maisie Knew



I was utterly engrossed by the brilliant acting in this sad tale of a little girl caught in the middle of her parents’ bitter divorce/custody battle.  Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard were very believable as the warring parents, and the little girl who played Maisie did so with the aplomb of somebody much older than her years.  Very good indeed.

2.   The 100 Foot Journey



I went to the cinema to see this and loved it.  It’s a tale of an Indian family who leave their homeland and end up in France, where they open a restaurant directly opposite a Michelin-starred establishment run by the snooty Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), who takes great offence.  It’s billed as a drama on IMDB, but I’d say it’s a cross between comedy, drama and romance, and it kept me smiling all the way through.  A proper story with a beginning, a middle and an end.  Lovely.

3.   Sunshine on Leith


I’m a big fan of musicals, though not a huge one of The Proclaimers, but nevertheless I really enjoyed this feel-good movie about two Scottish soldiers who return home to their families from Afghanistan, and the trials and tribulations of fitting back into normal life.

4.   Your Sister’s Sister


A new twist on the love triangle theme, I really liked this quirky little film.  Iris invites her friend Jack to stay at her family’s remote country getaway after the death of his brother.  Whilst there, Jack unexpectly meets Iris’ sister, Hannah, and an interesting few days ensues.  Well worth a watch.


Have you seen any good films lately?


5 thoughts on “Four Film Recommendations

  1. I could not get into ‘Sunshine on Leith’ at all. Hoping to go and see ‘Gone Girl’ this weekend. Even if it is crap I don’t mind watching Mr Affleck for a few hours 🙂

  2. I saw the Hundred Foot Journey and really enjoyed it too. My most trip to the cinema was to see Billy Elliot The Musical Live, which was fabulous. It was the matinee of the West End show being shown in real time in cinemas across Europe. It was funny to be sitting in the cinema watching and hearing people who were actually in the theatre. When the audience in the theatre applauded, the cinema audience were a bit confused as to whether they should also be applauding!

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