Life Last Week #2


We had an amazing holiday in Greece, as usual.

It was our tenth visit to Porto Sani Village in as many years, and I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s a fabulous place, and almost feels like going home now.  We have made such good friends there over the years, and it was lovely to catch up with them.


The weather was excellent for the time of year – after a cloudy but warm first two days, the next five were absolutely perfect, and it was lovely to laze by the pool, reading and relaxing, and then wander down to the marina for lunch and a look at the shops.


There was another spectacular view whichever way we looked – and everything always looks better in the sunshine, of course!



Evenings were spent drinking cocktails, eating a variety of delicious food, and having fun with friends, before falling into bed far too late, and sleeping late with no alarm to wake us – bliss.

But all good things, as they say, must come to an end, and although I always leave Sani with a tear or two in my eye, I was really looking forward to getting home and seeing Will.  We flew home Friday morning, and then drove the almost-250 miles back to Devon from Gatwick in hideous Friday afternoon traffic.  I did get a good shot of Stonehenge on the way past, which alleviated the tedium of the journey for at least five seconds!


We eventually got home just before 7pm, and had a Chinese takeaway with Will, who deigned to spend the whole evening with us rather than shut in his bedroom, which is the norm these days, which indicated that perhaps he had missed us, too (though he didn’t articulate this, obviously!).

Saturday was spent unpacking, doing laundry and catching up on emails, all the usual boring post-holiday stuff.  We had a lazy Saturday evening – aren’t the evenings drawing in now?  It’s kind of weird, as the weather’s still so nice – the dark evenings seem a bit odd, somehow …

And that brings us to today, Sunday, which has been busy so far with a car boot sale early this morning, more laundry, ironing, dyeing my roots (oh, the glamour never ends here!), and cleaning the kitchen.

If you want to see my car boot purchases, I’ve put them up over on my other blog HERE.  For new readers, my other blog is invite only, so if you’d like to view my second hand purchases, which I post each week, please leave a comment on this post introducing yourself, and I’ll get an invitation emailed over to you.

The rest of Sunday is going to be quiet, I think.  Will and Ashley are doing some work in the garden at the moment, then Will has quite a lot of homework to do.  I’ve a busy few days coming up, so I’m going to do some diary organisation, menu planning, blog planning and generally getting ready for the week ahead.

Hope all is well with everybody, and I will try and get round to reading all your blogs and doing some commenting later on today – I’ve been a bad blogger/blog reader while I’ve been holiday, as I was having far too much fun to think about anything else!

Have a great week x


8 thoughts on “Life Last Week #2

  1. Looks like you had a great holiday. We all need to slow down and have a lie in every now and then. The hotel looks beautiful x Dawn

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