September Favourites

On Tuesday lunchtime, Ashley rang me and said ‘what time do you want to leave on Thursday to go up to Gatwick?’.  Until then, I’d been thinking we weren’t leaving until Friday.  Don’t know how that happened but the net result was, obviously, having one less day to get everything done than I thought I had.

Cue much rushing around, shopping, organising and general chaos for the following 48 hours.

I’m looking forward to a break, I must say.  The weather forecast for Halkidiki looks a bit iffy, much the same as it was last year when we went in September, but it will be so lovely to be back in our favourite hotel in the world and to see our friends again, that the weather doesn’t matter too much.  Although obviously, y’know, sunshine would be preferable to rain …

Anyway, just before I go, here are some of my favourite things for September … enjoy!


8 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. Love your vlogs, Caroline! Have a wonderful holiday; looking forward to a blog post on your return. I noticed you’ve updated some of your 50 Before 50 – can you list the cheeses or will they all be in a future post?

  2. Must be something in the air, as hit a stall with reading as well. I put a new book on my shelfari shelf this weekend, and noticed that the last one went up a MONTH ago. Wow.

    Hope you are having a blast on your trip!

  3. Your beauty product vlogs are quite an education Caroline. I’ve never heard of half the stuff you feature and who was that woman you mentioned…???? You get through so many products too. If you find a pencil powder liner do let me know, my eyelids are so oily and a normal liner lasts about 5 minutes on me. Lizzy Arden do one but the colours are boring. Keep the vlogs coming please!

    • Will keep a lookout for a pencil powder eyeliner, Fiona! The woman I mentioned is Caroline HIrons, she’s been an absolute education to me as far as skincare is concerned. YOu can find her at

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