Life Last Week #1

*Another new series: chatty posts where I talk about what I’ve been doing over the past seven days.  Hope you enjoy it.*

September seems to be galloping by but with little sign of autumn arriving as yet – as I write this, the sun is shining and the temperatures have been in the high teens all month long.  Early mornings are noticeably colder and the evenings are drawing in of course, but my new boots have yet to have an outing and are still sitting pristine in the wardrobe!

The beginning of last week was quite stressful, dealing with some ongoing issues with Will’s school around the timetable for his first GCSE year.  Fingers crossed we have now ironed out the majority of our concerns, but it didn’t make for a great start to the school year, which was a shame.

Teenage Bedroom Wars.  I spent a lot of last week catching up with housework (yawn), and as usual when tackling William’s room, I piled everything up on the bed that needed a home finding for it, in order that I could hoover the carpet.  When I picked Will up from school that day, I told him to sort out the huge pile of stuff on the bed and put it away.  He was grumpy about it –  as usual – and obviously decided that he would teach me a lesson, as I later found a huge pile of stuff  that he’d found in various parts of the house and just thrown onto my bed!!  I had the last laugh, though, as I then made him hoover and dust my bedroom!

The joys of parenting a teenager – the fun just never stops.

My #SeptemberSortOut continues: I haven’t managed to sort something out every day, but I have managed most days, which I’m counting as a success.  I’m hoping to move into the kitchen this week, which will be my final week on this project as Ashley and I go away to Greece for a week on Friday.

I had a midweek coffee and catch-up with a school-mum friend who I’m teaching to crochet.  It was her son’s 15th birthday, so we celebrated that at the same time, which was nice – and involved chocolate cake.  Win!

Photo 17-09-2014 18 02 25

The weekend was spent with my parents and my brother and Amanda and their kids at Moonfleeet Manor.  We’ve been going there twice a year for about 10 years now, and we always have a really fabulous family weekend.   Moonfleet in located on a beautiful stretch of the Jurassic coastline in Dorset and the scenery is stunning.   As usual, we lazed, walked, geocached, ate, drank, played Scrabble, swam, sauna’d and generally had a very indulgent time.



This is what my brother is pointing at in the photo above – a sparrowhawk:




The only disappointment of the weekend was the bottle of 1985 Dom Perignon that Mum & Dad were given for their 50th Wedding Anniversary last summer, and had saved for us all to drink together – when we opened it, it was oxidised and undrinkable.   No fizz at all – the cork didn’t even pop.  And it looked like a urine sample!

Photo 19-09-2014 19 03 15



Never mind – a good time was had by all anyway – and we didn’t go short of a drink or two!





5 thoughts on “Life Last Week #1

  1. It’s so funny you’ve hit publish on this post today as I have a similar style of post to get out tonight. I miss the old days of just chatting about what has been happening and as I’ve not blogged in a couple of weeks it makes more sense to have a ramble before I dive in to specific posts about my trip and the beauty reviews!


  2. I looked at the calendar yesterday, and it was like I hadn’t looked at it all month. To see that it was almost the end of September blew my mind! I’ve temped much more this month than usual since leaving full time employ, so it has gone by fast. I absolutely hated dealing with schools…so happy when kids were done. The bedroom wars gave me a chuckle! 🙂

  3. bummer about the champagne! But sounds like such a lovely family weekend. Read your tetchy teenage tale with interest, as think we’re heading that way at the moment! And thanks also for the sausage casserole recipe – I’ve been on the look out for a good one, so will definitely give yours a go xx

  4. A lovely catch up with your news. Yes the boys are growing up so fast, they were little when we starting this blogging lark and now are becoming young men with talk of exams and ‘the future’.
    Shame about the bubbly, but the whole weekend sounded like it was as enjoyable as always for you all.
    Lisa x

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