Journal Jar Q49. What’s Your Favourite Smell and What Do You Associate With It?

It’s a looooonggggg time since I’ve done a Journal Jar post, but as I’m on a mission to empty the jar (39 questions to go), I thought I’d better make a start.

I always think that your sense of smell is totally tied up with memories.

One of my newest favourite smells is Elnett hairspray. I recently bought a can of it, never having tried it before.  As soon as I sprayed it, I had the most vivid déjà vu moment of my grandmother.  I had no idea that she’d used Elnett, but I asked my mother about it and she confirmed that yes, indeed, my grandmother always used that particular hairspray.

So everytime I spray my hair at the moment, it reminds me of ‘Dabadoo’ (I couldn’t say Granny when I was little, so I called her Dabadoo, which stuck for like, ever).

Coconut oil is another favourite – because it reminds me of holidays. And related to this – the first smell of a tropical country as you disembark the plane. You can’t beat it. The heat smacks you in the face first, quickly followed by the smell – a mixture of tropical heat and aviation fuel, I think!

And freshly brewed coffee. I’ve always liked the smell of coffee, even though I’ve only relatively recently started to drink it.

As far as perfumes go, I wrote a post about my favourite fragrances back in 2011, which you can read HERE.

What’s your favourite smell, and does it bring back memories for you? I’d love to know.




8 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q49. What’s Your Favourite Smell and What Do You Associate With It?

  1. I was really touched about the hair spray and your Grandmother. How lovely. With my grandmother it was lavender and I can still remember driving towards Newton Abbot at 2 am after a late shift and smelling lavender in the car not a little but really strong.

  2. I always say I have a dreadful sense of smell (due to my smoking) but that said there are so many scents that evoke memories for me… it’s funny nothing springs to mind but the odd whiff of something and I’m transported back…. oh actually one does… donuts from the fairground etc remind me of fun times when I used to work on one of the stalls!


  3. Burnt English toast! Crazy, I know, but during the time my Dad was stationed in Northern Europe, we would always pop over to England for holidays and stay at my aunt’s house. Despite the fact that she had an eye-level grill on her cooker, she almost always managed to singe the toast and the smell brings back wonderful memories of her and being at her house. It has to be English bread (which I can sometimes get here although it’s frozen); American bread does not smell the same, fresh or burnt!

  4. Awww Ellnette I liked that smell, I love coffee too( did a 5 senses post on my blog about this) Channel youth dew was my late Mother in Laws favourite perfume and when I smell it I think of her, Bread baking reminds me of my maternal Grandmother as she used to bake bread, great post, love the journal jar idea x Dawn

  5. I love the smell of a tiny baby. I think they emit pheromones to make us fall in love with them…so that we don’t send them back when we have no sleep, no time, no shower, no meals because of their demands. 🙂

  6. One of my favourite smells is creosote! I used to love it when people painted their garden fences every summer. I hardly ever smell it now (no doubt some health and safety directive has decided that something in it wasn’t good for us), but everytime I used to smell it it took me right back to being a child.

  7. Funny you should mention Elnett, as I’ve just bought Aldi’s own hairspray and it smells just like it. (it’s even in a gold can… maybe it is?) Love the smell of cooking bacon and pipe tobacco.

  8. Coconut is definitely about holidays. But also we use coconut oil on Savanna’s afro hair and so it’s a smell which now binds me to her. I love the smell of cucumber and I can still remember the first tub of strawberries I bought this year. When I peeled back that plastic topping the sweet summer scent hit me and it was luscious!
    Lisa x

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