Video: Empties – Skincare & Make-Up

Morning, all!

Hope you all managed to get over to my Facebook page and give me a ‘like’ – I know that Facebook had some major server problems on the same night that I put my post up (hope my new page didn’t cause that, LOL!) but I think that’s all resolved now, so do pop on over if you haven’t done yet. I’m going to be a doing a big giveaway over  on Facebook in the next couple of weeks, so there’s another reason, if you needed one, to go and have a looksee!

Anyway, today I have empties for you – products I’ve used up with mini reviews.  Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Video: Empties – Skincare & Make-Up

  1. I like TBS body butters a lot but in summertime I switch to their lotions too. I’m currently finishing the chocomania one, smells divine but it’s too light for autumn so I will gladly go back to using the butters.

    Oh, I wonder what your new favourite mascara is, do share!

    • Yes! I wouldn’t be without one now. Also, they make eyeshadow last longer, I find. Have tried several, by far my favourite (and the cheapest) is the Elf one, also MUA (Superdrug) do a very reasonably priced and decent one, too . People rave about the Urban Decay one, which is around the £20 mark, and I picked up a brand new one from a car boot a while ago, for half that. HATE it, worst eye primer I’ve tried, makes my eyeshadow crease straight away. It’s now on eBay!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I don’t use make-up these days but do use face and body care products and these videos are so informative, they really help me make decisions about what to try out. Thank you.

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