September Sort Out



Good morning, and Happy September!

* * *

Just a quick aside – if you missed my car boot sale bargains yesterday, there’s a post all about them HERE.  As ever, if you can’t click through, let me know in the comments here and I’ll get an invitation sent to you (please introduce yourself if I don’t already ‘know’ you).

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September always feels like a fresh, new start, I think. It’s the end of the looong summer holidays, the start of a new school year, and of the autumn, and I always look forward to getting back into normal routine once the new school term starts.

A side effect of the summer holidays and being out of routine and somewhat more relaxed, is that – in my house at least – everything is a bit chaotic: cleaning has gone somewhat by the wayside, tidying hasn’t been what it could be, and everything’s just feeling a bit disorganized.

So I’m going to undertake a little project for September – the #SeptemberSortOut

I’m going to commit to sorting out/tidying/decluttering one area each and every day during the month. It could be anything – one drawer, my nail polish collection, a shelf, my magazine rack, or on days when I’ve got a bit more time to spend on it, maybe a couple of kitchen cupboards or my filing cabinet (gulp!), or even my wardrobe.

I’ll be posting daily pics on Instagram (follow me – @caroline_mrsm) and on Twitter (@mrsmstweets), using the hashtag #Septembersortout

Would anybody else like to play along? Feel free, the more the merrier, as they say.

I’ll also do weekly blog posts updating on my progress.

Right, I’m off to make a start on my To Do list for today – I feel it may be a long one!


16 thoughts on “September Sort Out

  1. Happy September, I am in the same mode, I need to step up my cleaning and organising, Saturday I tackled the living room sideboard drawers,old batteries,2 buttons and a cable tie in the top drawer,why? I keep the post in the top draw and have a new rule,when the post comes we either file it, recycle it or shred it. The second draw has my weight watchers stuff in but there was scraps of paper with doodles and scribbled numbers,instructions for our now dead dishwasher and a bag of spare bulbs for the Christmas tree, the third draw now has my napkins and napkin rings and other table decorations that was ok,the last one has glass candle holders ,candles and lots of tea lights, I have finally got them all in one place.Tackling the kitchen cupboards today,wish me luck! Looking forward to reading your progress report enjoy your September sort out x Dawn

  2. Oooh I’ll look forward to this! I’ve been pretty good with the sort outs recently due to my bedroom being done and boot sale but as I’m off to Vegas next week and then when I land the following day my new chest of drawers and wardrobe will be delivered I’ll be having another update to make way for my new purchases and say goodbye to the old! I do love a good sort out. It’s actually been great living without a wardrobe etc recently as it’s meant I’ve had to be really sensible with what I have and work around having no storage at all!


  3. Glynis I am moving house and it is happening, so Mrs M I am sort of playing along but it doesn’t feel much like play more like bloomin hard work. If only you’d suggest this months ago we wouldn’t be in such a panic to declutter now. Happy sorting.

  4. I agree that September feels like the second new start of the year what with school beginning and the seasons changing. A perfect time for a sort out. And if it involves a bit of list making then so much the better!
    I shall look forward to your updates.
    Since joining Brocante Home I’ve had quite a few sort outs and have divided those bigger sort out jobs into monthly/quarterly/half yearly bites so try and keep to the schedule so things don’t end up getting too wayward. That’s the plan at least!
    Lisa x

  5. I’ll play! I have lots of areas that need to be cleared. I still don’t feel organised though I’ve been in this house for three years now. I would an invite to your Sunday Car Boot blog. I love to see the bargains you have found but you’re going to need a bigger house again soon!
    You asked for a little introduction: I’m a 51 year old divorced woman living in beautiful Cornwall. I’m a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to bargains and am trying hard to learn that you can look at something and say it’s beautiful but it doesn’t always have to come home with you! My current obsession is with fabric as I’ve just had my first sewing machine sewing lessons. Look forward to catching up with you.

    • Hi Jo – you’re not wrong about the bigger house – hence the decluttering project!! Lovely to ‘meet’ you, and I’ll get an invitation to my car booty blog off to you right now. x

  6. I can’t commit to daily but I am sorting through loads of my stuff after having ‘decluttered’ all my bathroom products recently. Yesterday I sorted all my cards/stationary. Today I am going to sort out all my earrings and necklaces……..

  7. I look forward to following your progress…. I have a list of bits I’d like to do through September… so will following avidly and hopefully sharing some of my sorting out too!… have fun xx

  8. Catching up with a friend on the phone the other day, we both discovered that we seem to have let our Spring cleaning slide until Fall. I have lot of stuff going on, and one job is seeming to bleed into another. Redecorating guest room; master bedroom headboard going to guest room, so will have to do something new in master; re-organizing my closet (re-situating rods and changing out some of the organizers); and planning kitchen remodel, so that contents will probably end up all over the house at least temporarily. Oi! I have to work 8-5 this week at real job, so I will be turning my back on all home projects till the weekend.

  9. Hi there, I have loved reading your blog and I am certainly having a clear out, but not sure I can manage every day, as I work. I also have another issue, a husband who brings back in the things I am about to throw out!! He is a hoarder on a grand scale. I would also love an invite to your car boot blog, I love them, but have to be very strict with what i buy these days, and I try and take something to the charity shop if i do buy anything (well except jewellery which I can smuggle in!!)

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