My Holiday Essentials

Another video I filmed weeks ago and have only just got around to editing and uploading.


7 thoughts on “My Holiday Essentials

  1. Love to hear your beauty product reviews Caroline although I feel very stuck in a rut after watching you as I hardly ever try anything new. Wish I could find another brand of powder pencil as my eyelids are quite oily and anything creamy lasts about 30 mins. Lizzie Arden do them but the colours are not very exciting. Might give that No.7 radiance stick a go, I could do with some of that now I’m 52!

    • Have you tried an eye primer on your eyelids? I have oily eyelids too, and my cheap as chips Elf eye primer literally changed my life (well, that may be a slight exaggeration …!) Collection do a really cheap one that’s good as well, which you can get in Superdrug. Well worth a try, if you haven’t already x

  2. I am going to get the eye liner, I always wear black but when I was younger I used to wear blue all the time. Avon sell a spray called Skin so soft original spray (it is a dry oil moisturiser)and it also keeps insects at bay, it has plant extracts and if you Google it you will see that it is pretty much the same formula as the one in your v log, it sells for around 2.99 depending if it on promotion or not.
    I love the balcony by the way x

  3. Thanks for telling us about the Apivita mosquito repellent, mosquitos love me too:(
    I’m religious when it comes to using sunscreen and have learnt a lot about them over the years. Unfortunately many on the market are no good because they are not stable. Many good brands do so called ‘dry touch’ formulas, which I can recommend, they are often light lotions and they sink on the skin beautifully, no more stickiness, yay! My favourite sunscreen brand ever is Soltan, their SPF’s are world class, highly recommended, and I mainly use their dry touch formulas these days.

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