£2 Louboutins! I Think.

This morning I dropped William and his friend off on Dartmoor for their first ever solo camping trip.  As we arrived the heavens opened, but it was only a quick shower and they were soon off with all their equipment selecting a perfect spot right next to the river.  I was quite jealous I wasn’t staying myself!  

How quickly they grow up.  This has been the first summer holiday where I haven’t really been required in an entertaining capacity, and although it’s lovely to see one’s child taking their first steps into adulthood and gaining their independence, it somehow feels like the end of an era as well.

Anyway, enough wallowing, I thought I’d show you a few of my charity shop bargains from earlier in the week.  They are all from my favourite shop in town, Barnardo’s, where everything is £1.99 and where the manager had saved me something she thought I might like …



A gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutins!  Now my immediate thought was that they were fakes, but my research so far points to them being the real deal.  They have been well loved, and the heels are very worn down, one of them so much so that it has come loose at the top where it joins the shoe, from the pressure of the angle it’s been worn at without being reheeled.   Hence the reason, no doubt, why they were sent to the charity shop.  

Anyway, after satisfying myself that there is at least a good chance that they’re real, I took them into the cobbler, who thinks he can fix them (and who also thought they were real – he’s done a few pairs of Loubs in his time, apparently), so I shall be picking them up next week.

Although they are a 39, they fit me perfectly (I’m a 38), another reason that I think they’re not fake, as designer shoes notoriously come up small in sizing.

Bargain of the year so far, as long as the cobbler can sort them, I reckon.  And proof that making friends with the staff of your local charity shop really does pay dividends!


I picked up these two gorgeous pale green satin evening dresses, brand new with tags still attached, and at the other end of the elegance scale, an Ann Summers sailor outfit, complete with matching hat!


Brand new suede shoes by Office.  


Two pairs of wool trousers – one by Jigsaw, one by Hobbs.


Next dresses – the one on the right is a maxi.

All in all, I came away with four carrier bags full of shopping, so it was definitely a good day.  I reckon some charity shop karma must have come my way, as I took half a dozen dustbin bags of nice stuff into one of the charity shops in town a couple of weeks ago.

Have you found any secondhand bargains lately?



12 thoughts on “£2 Louboutins! I Think.

  1. Hi there!! Fabulous shoe find- you’ve always done well on the shoes front so it doesn’t surprise me you bagged these, well done indeed! x

  2. Hope your boy didn’t pitch camp too close to the river – river + rain never know what’s a coming!
    Our op shops are still full of winter/cool weather clothing at the moment. I think they are still going through their stock in anticipation of the warmer weather (which hopefully will arrive soon)
    And dId you ever get round to opening a shoe only eBay account? I think it would be a goer for you!

  3. Well done on the Louboutin find… I’ve tried on pairs on so many occasions but I just can’t justify the expense on a pair of shoes that are not kind to wide feet and feel painful in the store before I’ve even contemplated walking in them!!

    Now will we see you in the sailor outfit in an ‘OOTD’ post sometime soon? ;o)

    Have a great weekend.

    Victoria xx

  4. Wow, Louboutins for £2?!? This surely must be your best find ever… well done.

    A couple of weeks ago I found a pair of ladies Reebok walking shoes for myself on a car boot sale, in excellent condition and they only cost me £1 so very pleased.

  5. Two quid Louboutin’s! Result of the year, I reckon. Fab other finds too. Wondering if you wore something similar to that Ann Summers outfit when you were on the ships???

    • Not quite, but it would’ve been good for fancy dress – we used to have a lot of fancy dress parties. In those days, I could’ve probably fitted into it, too!!

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