Princesa Yaiza Suite Review

Happy Monday, everybody!

Our party went brilliantly, I think everybody enjoyed themselves, and food, drink and firework display all went down well.  Even the weather played ball, and the rain held off until late in the evening.  I managed not to take any photos or video whatsoever (far too hectic – feeding and watering 70 people is not an easy job!), but my sis-in-law has uploaded some to Facebook and kindly said I can use them, so I’ll post some pics later in the week.

Weird day today, one minute torrential rain, next brilliant sunshine.

I’ve finally got round to editing some of my holiday video footage today, and here is a quick review of our hotel suite, which may or may not be of interest!


2 thoughts on “Princesa Yaiza Suite Review

  1. Which is more likely – you rushing back for another holiday there or one of your readers being so impressed they look the place up and book it? I’ll pass….

    • Neither! I wanted to put it on YT and tag it appropriately so anybody searching for video reviews of the hotel/accommodation (as I did before I went) would be able to find it. Hopefully, it’ll put them off!!

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