Room 101

Our housewarming party is tomorrow, and it’s been a trying week what with one thing and another.

So here’s a list of the people I’m sending to Room 101 this week.

  • Meteorologists in general and those at the BBC in particular, who have changed the forecast for Saturday on an almost hourly basis over the last three days. It’s still not looking very good, but fingers crossed.
  • People who don’t respond to an invitation with ‘RSVP’ clearly written on it, sent six weeks in advance. So. Damn. Rude. Yes, I’m looking at you, Ashley’s brother, who didn’t reply at all, then when Ashley phoned him last week said they weren’t coming as we’d invited his ex-wife.  Which was rather odd, given that they’re all going to a festival together next weekend. Apparently, however, I hear on the grapevine that they are coming, so the six of them (inc. four kids and one vegetarian) may or may not rock up.
  • Two people on Facebook who took exception to the fact I have a gardener early this week. Really? They’re both nearly 50. Get that bloody chip off your shoulder and grow up.
  • The gardener, who cut my solar powered garden lights to ribbons with his hedge trimmer. Although he did own up straight away, offer to pay for them, and tried to get me a new set from B&Q.
  • The man on eBay from whom I bought a new set of garden lights (B&Q are all out of them, apparently), specifically because his postage method was listed as first class, so I knew when I ordered them on Tuesday they’d be here in time for the weekend. Then he informed me late on Wednesday that they’d been sent out that day by 5-day courier.
  • Asda, who delivered my ma-hoo-sive shopping order early this morning but replaced my full fat coleslaw with half fat, causing Ashley to literally have a toddler style tantrum. #firstworldproblems, eh? He has now driven to Asda with said offending coleslaw to ‘have it out with the manager’. Yeah, good luck with that.
  • Ashley.  See above. Although he might be let off, as he managed to solder the above-mentioned garden lights back together yesterday and they’re working again now.

Yes, it’s been a long and trying week.  I’m quite exhausted, and will secretly be glad when it’s all over!

Next time, I’m going to get party planners and caterers in. God only knows what Facebook will have to say about that.




13 thoughts on “Room 101

  1. After having to arrange Harry’s 70th party last week I sympathise. I was stressed out with it as was he although his contribution was arranging tables and chairs! Most of which weren’t used as people just sat on the edge of the swimming pool. We did cheat with the catering ordering it all from the Indian restaurant and it went down a storm. As for the coleslaw!!!!!!!! How much petrol did that use? I would be very annoyed about the lack of RSVP …disrespect. Anyway hope it goes well and look forward to the photos.

  2. If you do get the caterers in and post it, I will give it a like no matter what. Good luck for the party. I am waiting for the next installment of coleslaw wars though. That is quite classic. xxx

  3. Oh the grief I get for living alone and having a cleaner you wouldn’t believe! Ignoring the fact it’s my money and life and I’ll do as I choose the fact I work during the week, am often home late the last thing I want to do of a weekend is get my marigolds on and start hoovering!

    Have a great weekend and hope the party goes well


  4. This post made me chuckle (mainly the coleslaw story) but I can see why you’re stressed at the moment. Good luck with your party and I hope the weather is good.

  5. hope the party goes great.

    what the hell is the problem with having a gardener? you are employing someone keeping the economy moving in an area where there isn’t a huge amount of work…. do these people live in Devon? from what I can remember you garden is sloped? I wouldn’t want to try and hold a large mower whilst going down hill and I certainly don’t think I could push our brute of a mower back up. You cant do right for doing wrong some times..

    I’d love to know what Asda said…?

    p.s. like the leaves in the background

    • Asda replaced the coleslaw – phew! – don’t think I could have stood any further coleslaw woes!!

      Re the gardener, it’s not a regular thing, as I get my 14yo to mow the lawn (bwahahahaha!). But Ashley has been working six day weeks since we got back from hols to cover other staff’s hols, so we got the gardeners in for a few days to cut the hedges and shrubs, weed, lay bark chippings in all the beds and generally spruce up the garden before the party. No idea why people took exception to it (one of them, laughably, actually iS a gardener!!) – but one this in this life’s for sure – haters are gonna hate.

      Hope all’s good with you.

  6. I quite agree with all above comments – are you keeping the local economy moving by employing a local gardener – hell, yes you are!
    Coleslawgate – love it 🙂

  7. I am so sorry but I had to laugh about the coleslaw because I think low fat coleslaw is vile!!! how funny !I think it is so ignorant of people who ignore the R.S.V.P. Why would you come under fire for having a gardener? If you can afford it and are too busy or have a big garden then why not? if I had the money and lived in a bigger house I would have a gardener and cleaner! it is nobody else’s bloody business! Well before you get too tipsy do remember to take pics, oh and when you are tipsy take pics because they should be interesting! x Dawn

  8. Why wouldn’t respond to an RSVP, that is rude.
    Hope the party went really well and that you are having a relaxing morning now!
    Lisa x

  9. Oh yes, I had people who failed to RSVP to my 50th invites. Bloody ignorant I think it is. Can’t for the life of me see why anyone would take exception to you employing a gardener. It’s nobody’s business but yours and anyway your garden is mahoosive. Laughed at the coleslaw drama, I hate shop bought, nothing will ever match my mum’s home made recipe.
    Glad to hear the party went well.

  10. That made me smile! I see no embarrassment at all in having a gardener. If I had a big garden I would have one! As someone above said – it’s good for the local economy.
    Tut tut Asda – did they think that low fat coleslaw would pass unnoticed? 🙂

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