Currently – July 2014


1c95654b47a29325217b05bbde60bf68I read 10 books whilst on holiday in Lanzarote, but haven’t so much as picked up a book since getting home on Sunday. Need to start In Love & War by Alex Preston, as I was sent it for review by Lovereading just before we went away.



I’ve got The Very Best of Sheryl Crow on repeat in the car at the moment – perfect summer soundtrack.



qNplSCatching up on the last few episodes of 24. I haven’t loved this latest series as much as the others. Has anybody else watched it? What did you think?



Pretty minimal at the moment. Bright blue and green eyeliners have been featuring, with a bit of highlight for my cheeks and a coat of L’Oreal Telescopic mascara (thanks for the recommendation, Mum – it’s my new favourite mascara, even though it costs double what I’d normally pay for one!)



As little as possible! Loose linen trousers and cotton tops are featuring at a lot at the moment.



Craving lots of healthy veg and salads after disappointingly average and banal greasy food for a fortnight in Lanzarote.



imagesLoads of iced water. My ice machine is working overtime.



Spending a lot of money on a very disappointing holiday.



Summer time in the UK with glorious, glorious weather. We are loving the chance to sit outside in our garden until late in the evening without the need for long sleeves. Long may it continue!



Our big summer/housewarming party is only two weeks away. Really looking forward to it.



A cleaner. I really, really want a cleaner at the moment. It would save so much time.



Our tortoise has disappeared. I wonder where he is.


12 thoughts on “Currently – July 2014

  1. I would love a cleaner too especially after looking for a missing sandal and finding literally half an inch of thick dust under my dressing table today.

    Extremely jealous of your ice making machine.

    Interested in your coloured eyeliners. I always used to use blue eyeliner and blue mascara and then seeing a friend doing the same I thought it looked a bit too young for myself. Would like a photo.

    Sorry about your disappointing holiday. Horrible when you spend so much money and don’t have a good time. When are you doing your Trip Adviser review?

    • Hi Glynis – am going to do a Holiday Essentials video, and will show the coloured eyeliners I’ve been using in that. Mentioned a couple in my June Favourites video, too – Bourjois Liner Feutre in purple is a favourite, though the gold was a bit hopeless for me. Have already done the Tripadvisor report – I’ll email you a link.

  2. I love ice, I have a thing about ice chips and would love an ice maker. If I was working a lot of hours then I would get a cleaner for sure, I like a clean tidy home but hate bloody cleaning !
    Nice to have you back,all those books !!! x Dawn

  3. Sorry to hear your hols did not live up to expectations, especially as you shelled out a lot of money for it. I’m off on mine tomorrow…can’t wait.

  4. Oh no a bad holiday. Nothing worse.

    Also loving Sheryl Crow.

    is your ice machine a stand alone machine or is it one of those fab ones that is part of your fridge? always wondered if they were worth it

    • Hi Sol – the ice machine is built into the fridge, but it’s not plumbed into the mains, so we have to fill it with water, but it’s no hassle. Just brilliant – I love it!

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