June Movies

Here’s  a quick summary of the films I watched last month.

1.   Ruby Sparks


Quirky romantic comedy-drama about a struggling novelist and one of the characters he’s written coming to life.  Sounds ridiculous?  Yes, it was kind of, but it was very watchable and quite fun.  3 stars from me.

2.   Love Is All You Need


This film (which is Danish and partially subtitled) is the story of Philip, whose wife has died and Tilde, who is recovering from cancer treatment,  whose respective son and daughter are getting married in Italy, which is the setting for the movie.  I really enjoyed this film – a proper story with a beginning, a middle and an ending which left me wanting more.  4 stars.  My film of the month.

3.   The Way Way Back



I’d seen the trailer for this coming-of-age story, which I liked the look of, and the reviews were positive, and Ashley and I sat down to watch it one Friday evening.  Two hours later we looked at each other and said ‘God, that’s two hours of our life we’ll never get back’.  Put it this way, it wasn’t quite bad enough to switch off, and we kept on sitting there waiting for something to happen.  It never did.  2 stars, just barely, because it had a couple of mildly funny moments.  Not recommended.

4.   A Hijacking



The second Danish film of the month (and again partially subtitled).  Having recently watched Captain Phillips, I wondered if another film about Somali pirates hijacking a ship would have anything new to say, but this one took place over a far longer period of time, and focussed on the negotiations between the CEO of the shipping company and the pirates.  A bit grim, but a well-made and pacy film.  3.5 stars.

5.   The Internship


Another film that didn’t quite live up to the promises made by its trailer.  William watched this on a plane last year (unbeknown to me, as I wasn’t sitting anywhere near him!) and said it was great.  It was certainly quite funny in parts, but I thought it was too drawn-out and would have been a lot better with half an hour shaved off the length. 3 stars.

Have you watched any good films lately?


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