June Goals Update

Well, June went by in a flash, didn’t it?

Here’s an update on how I got on with the goals I set myself at the beginning of the month.

1.  Watch 10 Ted talks.

Partial success.  I only managed to watch four, though, as I tend to head for the You Tube app when I pick up the iPad rather than TED. I’ve got lots of talks that sound interesting bookmarked, though, so I’ll try and make some time to watch more in July.

2.   Exercise at least 10 times.

Partial success.  Only managed six – but hey, that’s six more than none! Won’t even start making excuses – it’s simply that I HATE exercise.

3.     Crochet June’s snowflakes with iMake’s #snowflakecal


Photo 01-07-2014 10 16 38

4.    Crochet June’s blanket squares with Spincushions’ #beyondthegrannycal


Photo 01-07-2014 10 17 39

5.    Make a start on the decorative flower/bunting/mandala crochet projects I’ve cut out of various magazines.

Done – I’ve crocheted five mandalas, which I’ve really enjoyed.

Photo 20-06-2014 17 22 43

6.   Start planning our housewarming party

Done – invitations all out and plans afoot. Ashley is brewing beer; Mum & Dad are bringing a shedload of booze back from Spain for us; décor and food ideas are underway.

7.   Watch 8 films

Partial success.  I watched five – could have watched more but we chose to make the most of the gorgeous weather we had in June by sitting outside in the evenings rather than in front of the telly.

8.   Read 8 books.

Done. Would have been more had I had my few days away in Spain!

9.   Sort out my wardrobe

Done. Always a good feeling having a good clearout and declutter.

10.   Sort out Will’s wardrobe and figure out if he has enough summer clothes, if not, what do I need to buy?

Done, and all necessary new clothes purchased.

11.   Cook four new recipes.  

Done. One of them was these stuffed peppers which I thought were delicious and Ashley and Will both gave a thumbs down to, so that one’s off the list for making again!

Photo 25-06-2014 17 17 03

12.   Buy flowers for the house.

Yes, I had flowers all month, and I really enjoyed them.10358321_1411574919125208_1202039601_n

13.   Clear my magazine backlog

Pretty much done – there are only two now, and one of those arrived in this morning’s post.

14.   Treat my nails every evening

Yes, done. I got a bit fed up about three quarters of the way through the month, as there didn’t seem to be any improvement at all.  However, in about the last five days, I’ve noticed that they’re not breaking quite so much. Hopefully this is now an ingrained habit, as it’s one I definitely want to continue.  If anybody has any recommendations for good nail treatments/oils, please let me know.

15.   Cut down on playing pointless iPad and iPhone games

Yes – not completely stopped, but definitely cut down.  I deleted some of the more brainless ones and the ones I’ve kept are at least one that use some brainpower!

* * *

So, quite a successful month, goals wise, all in all.  I’ve enjoyed having the focus of a list of things I want to get done for the month, so am going to continue.  Not for July, however, as we’re off on holiday for half of it, so I’ll give myself the month off.

Pop back tomorrow for June’s mini movie reviews.


8 thoughts on “June Goals Update

  1. Not sure if you’re having anything on sticks at your party but here’s a great resource – http://www.eatwisconsincheese.com/entertainment/picksandbites.aspx – I don’t think there are too many ingredients that you won’t find outside the USA. I’ve always found that Vitamin E works great on my nails – you can buy it in a bottle or I just buy the capsules from the vitamin section of the supermarket and prick one open with a pin. Just slather it around your cuticles – really great.

  2. You did exceptionally well! I think the mandalas are especialy pretty. I find it VERY hard to do exercise when one loves to read and do any type of handwork. 🙂 Hey, you also made me brave enough to put a video of myself on my blog.

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