Sunday Car Booty


Here’s a taster of this morning’s car boot purchases, which you can see in full over at my other blog .

It was a great morning’s shopping.

This time next week we shall be on a plane to Lanazarote.  I can’t wait, particularly having been denied my few days away this week by those flaming French air traffic controllers!

Ashley is in Paignton this morning running the Torbay Half Marathon, and Will’s off to karate shortly.  My plans for the day are somewhat less active(!), and I’m going to list a whole bunch of stuff on eBay ready to start when we get back from holiday and then have a lazy afternoon.  I’m very behind with my blog reading and You Tube watching, so a catch-up with all that will feature sometime during the day, no doubt.

Happy Sunday, everybody!



3 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. The car boot finds look good to me! Touche Éclat is so expensive in the shops. I hope you enjoy a lazy day and have a wonderful holiday.

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