Not In Spain & (Ridiculously Late) May Empties

Hmmm, the best laid plans, eh?

Arrived at the airport at ridiculous o’clock on Tuesday morning, got as far as the departure gate only to be told, after much waiting around, to return to the departure lounge as there was a four hour delay due to the French air traffic controllers’ strike.  An hour later, our flight was cancelled completely!

Although obviously I was gutted to miss out on a much-anticipated few days lounging by the pool and spending some time with my parents, my disappointment was mitigated as there were families with kids on their annual summer holidays, a group of four sweet teenage lads so excited about their first trip away without their parents, a little old man nearly crying because he couldn’t get hold of the people meant to be meeting him at the airport in Spain to tell them his flight was cancelled ….  it was a lot worse for all these people than it was for me.

So, yeah, annoying, but not the end of the world.

As to why I didn’t get on another flight, before anybody asks – there are only two flights a week to Reus from Bristol, and the next one was today, which was when I would have been coming home!

Anyway, I’ve just remembered that I never uploaded my May Empties video, so here it is – enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Not In Spain & (Ridiculously Late) May Empties

  1. A great vlog. I always used Simple eye make up remover until I discovered the Italian brand Kiko eye and lip remover, not literally, I add. I do wear Max Factor long lasting lipstick which will stay on for 12 Hours or more but is murder to remove. Kiko wipes it off in an instant as it does for the eye make up whereas Simple I had to rub a bit. I can’t wear any perfumed body stuff in the Summer in Spain attracts nasty insects so use an aloe Vera moisture cream for my legs and lemon shower gel and lemon cologne in the evening which frightens the buggers off. But the Mango butter sounds divine.

    Re Clarins products get your Mum to buy it in Spain it is a lot cheaper as is Clinique. Couldn’t believe the difference in prices for my CC cream.

    A little annoyed with Boots Stay Perfect eye pencil which as the name suggests should last. I was assured so too by the assistant at Birmingham Airport but it does tend to melt down my eyes and you can’t sharpen it to a point another annoying thing, but their Stay Perfect liquid eyeshadow is perfect giving a slight sheen. I have found that as I am getting older a Matt eyeshadow makes the eyes a bit sunken.

    • Quite agree about the Boots Stay Perfect eye pencils – very disappointed in one I bought recently. I think the Body Shop do a Lemon body butter, might be worth trying to help keep the insects at bay?

      • Lemon body butter sounds brilliant. Unfortunately don’t come back to the UK until the Autumn. Might try and see if anyone can bring me back some from an airport.

  2. Love the vlog. More strange coincidences… I bought a video camera – almost the same but in white 2 weeks ago (kids are taking the piss they are so old fashioned nobody uses them any more – glad you are), Also I am left handed too. Also our 18th anniversary in a few weeks too!!!
    Lovely seeing which are hit and miss in products. I am too lazy to use body butter….. love all Clarins things but agree $$$$. Also I still get UK deodorants after 18 years here. Nothing compares. Will get the Dove one to try next time I am there. And will try Elf powder on your recommendation!! I almost have a bathroom again and am looking forward to unpacking everything properly again that has been in boxes for almost 5 MONTHS!!!! (Never again).

  3. So sorry your short break was cancelled! Thanks for the reviews, I’ll look out for ELF powder, sounds interesting. I must admit, the only thing I actually need as far as makeup goes is something to cover OH’s tattoos, if you know of anything, let me know! We are looking at either Dermablend or Veil at the moment.

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