Ten Books I Want To Read This Summer

My Kindle has been somewhat neglected of late, as I’ve been getting books from the library, mostly, but I have so many books waiting on it to be read, and it will come into its own when we travel over the summer, which was one of the main reasons I bought it in the first place really.

Here are the top ten books I want to read on it this summer.


How did I not know about this book until I heard about the film?  It sounds like a bit of a weepy, right up my street, but I do like to read the book first, so as the film is either out already or just about to come out, I’d better hurry up and read it!


When I read the synopsis of this book, it reminded me of that movie, Dead Calm, with Nicole Kidman, about a couple trapped out at sea on a yacht with a nutter.  Dark and a bit scary – looking forward to this one.


Had this one on my Kindle for ages – the premise that is is the ‘below stairs’ version of Pride and Prejudice – the story of the servants of the Bennet family – fascinated me.  Though I’m not a big fan of Jane Austen books, other than on a screen.


Have enjoyed all of Jane Fallon’s previous novels, and although this one hasn’t got great reviews, I like the way she writes family dynamics and ethical dilemmas, so I’m going to give it a go.


Can’t remember what this one is about, as it’s so long since I bought it, but the cover makes it look like the perfect summer read!


I’m not a big horror fan generally, but I’ve not yet read a book by Mr King that I haven’t enjoyed (that’s a total of two!) so I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and give this one a go.

sea sisters cover.448x685

This was a Richard and Judy read LAST summer, and has been on my Kindle since then, languishing unread for so long that the author has another novel out, which has been very highly written of.  Have heard great things about this one, too.


This was recommended to me by a friend who reads nearly as much as me, and we often swap books and like the same sort of things, so I bought it when it was cheap on Amazon a couple of weeks ago.


Possibly the one I’m looking forward to the most.  I absolutely loved both of Lisa Genova’s previous novels, so I’ve been saving this one to read on holiday, as I shall have hours of uninterrupted reading time – bliss!


I loved the Pan Am series that was on TV – now defunct, sadly – and the cover of this book reminded me of that, so I couldn’t resist it when it was on Amazon Daily Deal a while back.

What’s on your summer reading list this year?



9 thoughts on “Ten Books I Want To Read This Summer

  1. The only one of those which I’ve read is The Shining, many years ago. I have The Fault in our Stars on my to-do list, but am currently bogged down with a series of very hard to read book club reads. I feel like throwing in the towel and starting on the list of books I really want to read.

    • I found that with book club reads – they went months choosing books that I really wasn’t very interested in, and eventually i just got bored of reading stuff I didn’t want to read while books I was really interested in piled up unread. So I gave up book club – shame as I enjoyed the actual discussions, but time is limited, isn’t it?

      • That’s exactly what I’m thinking – I feel guilty as I started the group with a couple friends nearly 10 years ago, although I’m the only original member left now. Maybe it’s time to leave?

  2. Ditto with the book clubs! Actually it was a tie between reading books I really didn’t care for by a ‘deadline’ and then being a bit narked that the same people, over and over again hadn’t picked up said book at all!!! I have loads from the library at the moment but from your list I also have ‘The fault in our stars’ to be read (ideally before I see the film which I heard was fab). Loved the Sea sisters. I liked ‘Love Anthony’ but not as much as her other 2. I will watch what you give ‘Skeletons’ – you are right – her descriptions of inter family relationships is quite fabulous….. I fancy reading ‘Dear Lupin’ and the airline one so LMK how they are 🙂

  3. I am currently reading Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy. I have also got to read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green after a friend recommended it. I also have a paperback by Jill Masnell called The unpredictable consequences of love.
    I am back in the reading zone and can’t wait to sit in the garden with my book. X Dawn

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