Monday Catch-Up

Another weekend over, and it feels as though summer is well and truly with us, doesn’t it?

The weather has been glorious; Wimbledon starts today; the World Cup is (apparently) taking place – always a welcome opportunity to use one of my favourite phrases of all time: ‘Football?  I can hardly contain my complete indifference’ – and school holidays are edging ever closer.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve spent most of the weekend sitting in my bedroom with the blinds shut, dosed up on Piriton.  My hayfever has been EPICALLY bad for the last week or so, and even the antihistamines don’t seem to be doing much.  Every time I’ve ventured outside, within 10 minutes my eyes and nose are streaming, my throat is itching and I’m sneezing uncontrollably.  Horrible.

Friday night we had an unexpected visit from an old friend we haven’t seen for years – he rocked up, as ever, like this …

Photo 21-06-2014 11 42 26

and stayed overnight.  It was so nice to catch up with him – he and his (now ex) wife were the only two witnesses at our registry office wedding back in 1996 (read this post for more info on my two weddings to Ashley).  We also scored major cool parent points with the teenager, who got on with Simon like a house on fire (I think Will was about 8 last time we caught up with Simon), and proclaimed ‘Wow, I didn’t know you had such a cool friend’.

Photo 20-06-2014 22 29 50


Other weekend activities included a(nother) trip to the chiropodist for Will’s verruca treatment (costing me a bloody arm and a leg – how can the NHS refuse to treat painful multiple verrucas in children but give inane women in their 20s breast augmentations for free?  Two visits so far have cost me £80, and we’re looking at probably another 10 visits plus to get rid of them completely, according to the chiropodist.  How do people manage who can’t afford this, do their children just have to suffer the foot pain?)

Anyway, I’m off to Spain for four days tomorrow morning (early – I need to leave at around 4.30 am).  So looking forward to spending some time with Mum & Dad.    I’m taking my new video camera (thanks, Will – one of his Gadget Show prizes), so maybe there’ll be a Spain vlog when I get back.

I’ve scheduled a post for Wednesday with my summer reading picks, so do pop back then.

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine, everybody! x





10 thoughts on “Monday Catch-Up

  1. Verrucas … I remember Jamie about the same age having the same problem and going to the hospital with him they were so bad. The specialist said in young people the best thing was to leave them alone and they would disappear on their own and he would never get another one. I can remember being furious about it at the time but he was right.they did disappear. Have your parents got TV in their part of Spain? If not you might want to download BBC I player and put a VPN on a tablet if you are taking one with you.

    Look forward to your summer reading material blog or even vlog. Anyway have a good time.

    • My parents have still got TV in their part of Spain – when they got there this year they had a few problematic channels, but the engineer has sorted it and it’s all working OK again now. Regarding the verrucas, the doctor told us they would go of their own accord, but Will’s had them seven years now, and they’ve gradually multiplied over time and are now becoming painful, so I decided we had to get them sorted out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather in Spain is as good as here (and that Ryanair don’t cancel my flight due to the strike!).

  2. We have the World Cup on as I am typing. Son is a huge fan…so disappointed yesterday when USA lost their lead in the very last second. My favorite part of the World Cup has been the variety of Google Doodles. I have found them extremely entertaining throughout.

    Hope you are feeling better, and have a wonderful time in Spain. I would love to see a vlog upon your return!

  3. Your mate looks cool. Is that a Harley or a wannabe? Just read your wedding post, my friend Julie got married at Rhinefield House too, it was a lovely affair but I had too much to drink and had to make a hasty exit at breakfast at the B&B in Brockenhurst.
    I can’t abide wedding disco’s either, always make an excuse if I’m invited. Enjoy Spain. x

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