Room Reveal: Conservatory

I don’t know if you remember what the conservatory looked like when we moved in – here’s a pic from the estate agent’s details of how it looked when the previous owners lived here.


It’s also on the house tour video, which I did shortly after we moved in.

So as we’ve now redecorated it, I thought I’d do a ‘room reveal’ video – hope you like it!  If you want to make the screen bigger, click on the little box on the bottom right of the video screen, which should enlarge it.



12 thoughts on “Room Reveal: Conservatory

  1. Love what you have done to it. I vote yes for the paint to be pink. You should do it and if he hates it just spray paint white again. The pillows and new chairs are very cute. I so love the feather light!!! I do hope the weather is fab for the house warming party!

  2. Lovely room to sit and relax in, I have quite a thing for lanterns, I love the V-Logs Caroline and can’t see more room makeovers I’m your wonderful home XDawn

  3. I can just imagine you sitting there enjoying a book – such a lovely bright, airy space – you’ve done a great job, and love the splash of parrots! Big room too, it’s going to be perfect for a party!

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