This Weekend I …

  • Enjoyed the sunshine.  Our first decent weekend for ages, and we made the most of it – spending time in the garden, having cocktails on the balcony and enjoying the view, eating al fresco, and just generally getting into that whole summer vibe.
  • Went out for dinner with friends.  We went to a ‘bring your own booze’ Thai place, recommended by someone Ashley knows through work, which was tiny and scruffy and in a less than salubrious part of Paignton, but had absolutely amazing food and really friendly service.  And it was excellent value, too!
  • Shopped till I dropped – online.  Having overhauled my own and William’s wardrobes, there were a few gaps (though not in the shoe department!), and I’ve ordered a whole bunch of stuff for us both.  I love trying things on at home and being able to return them free if they’re not suitable, so I’ve ordered the same items in various sizes and colours to see which I like best.  Online shopping has really improved over the last few years – I only paid P&P on one of my six orders, and several of them had voucher codes for 10 or 20% off as well.    And delivery times – I’ve just had my first delivery, at 8.50 am, of an order placed online at 4.30 yesterday afternoon (Sunday).  Can’t say fairer than that!
  • Thought at length about my blog – and not reached any conclusions!  I feel as though it’s time for a change.  I haven’t ‘grown’ my blog in a long time – I’m simply not interested enough in engaging more with social media which seems to be the way forward these days – reciprocal commenting is a thing of the past, it feels.  I just feel as though the blog standing still a bit.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if I was feeling content with it otherwise, but I’m not really.  I’m really enjoying vlogging, and I think that You Tube may be the way forward for me.  But no decisions as yet.
  • Finished watched Season 2 of The Good Wife.  What a great series!  Such good writing.  I’m going to have a break before starting Season 3, though, as I’ve got a few other bits and bobs to catch up with on the Sky Plus.

19 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

    • Thanks for visiting and your comment. I’m hoping to catch up with the Good Wife on DVD before the next series starts. I did the same with Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago, as I didn’t discover that until about Season 6 – and binge watched the first six seasons over the course of a few months!

  1. Sorry you feel that way as I always enjoy your blogs. Something you may be interested in is a brand of make up called Kiko, it’s Italian and really good and more than reasonable. I especially like their liquid eyeliner which comes n a variety of colours and costs 6.95 euros.

    The Good Wife is one of our favourite series and Alan Cumming is brilliant in it.

    • I have heard of it but haven’t ever tried. Just had a look through their UK website and am a bit annoyed that the prices seem to be the same in £s as they are in Euros on the Spanish site. The eyeliner you mention is £6.95 on the UK site. Bit cheeky!

  2. Glad you have had some good weather. I love on line shopping too. Hubby is worse than me for it! Free shipping always sways me….
    I hope you don’t stop blogging. But I also know what you mean and where you are coming from as I feel the same myself. I love your Vlogs.
    Have you watched the BBC4 drama called ‘Amber’ (I think?) It is 2/4 episodes and very good so far…..

    • Thank you. Have met up in real life with several blogging friends – lovely people one and all. Would love to meet more, but the practicalities are not always easy, location-wise.

  3. I have felt a pulling back from a lot of bloggers on my blog list. I know I haven’t been posting as much. I have attended one meeting of area bloggers that our local library is holding through the summer. They seem to be all new bloggers with agendas (politics and religion…Eek!) I think I am coming to terms with my blog being a journal for me, and anything in addition to that (meeting other bloggers etc through it) is a happy accident.

    • That’s a good way to look at it, Kathleen, but I seem to struggle to do so. I put pressure on myself to post more regularly than I always want to, and then end up feeling like it’s a chore. I’m going to ponder the whole thing over the summer, I think.

  4. I was chatting to my friend last week as she’s just restarted her blog and obviously wants more interaction/followers etc but I explained that these days unless you use Twitter on a regular basis you’ll struggle – it’s not like the old days!!


  5. I think of my blog as a conversation I have between new friends. I don’t put it out there on other social media, if it doesn’t grow that’s fine – it’s just the way I like it!

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