New Summer Shoes

Photo 27-05-2014 16 11 37 (1)

A lot of lovely new shoes have come into my life over the last few weeks – although even I was a bit surprised to find quite how many pairs there were when I got them out to do these photos!

Never mind, most of them were utter bargains, and the majority were second hand were second-hand, so I don’t feel the least bit guilty.  And I’ve even sent several pairs I didn’t wear any more to the charity shop to make way for the new ones.  Actually, I took a big sackful of nice stuff into the charity shop at the beginning of the week, and ‘charity shop karma’ shone back at me yesterday when I found a beautiful, hardly worn pair of Steve Madden black leather knee high boots for £2 and a pristine M&S beige linen suit for Will for £4.50.  Oh yeah.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to the shoes.

Here’s what I’ve bought …

Photo 27-05-2014 16 18 24


M&S nude wedges – saw these on my friend Annette’s eBay for £8 on a Buy It Now and couldn’t resist.  Excellent service, too – she dropped them over in person and stayed for a cup of coffee!

Photo 27-05-2014 16 12 07

These brand new Next black leather flats were a car boot bargain a few weeks back, and are so soft and comfy I simply couldn’t resist keeping them.  £3!

Photo 27-05-2014 16 13 28

Another car boot bargain, these Principles gold wedges came into my life with perfect timing – I was looking for a metallic pair of wedges for summer holidays – and gold goes with everything so is great for taking away.  These replaced a New Look pair in my wardrobe, which were lovely, but ridiculously high.  And I paid the princely sum of £2!

Photo 27-05-2014 16 16 55

These white espadrille wedges are from Matalan, and were £10.  I also bought them in black, but don’t have a pic for some reason.  They are very odd sizing – I’m normally a size 5 to 5.5, and have wide feet.  These I had to buy in a 4, and they are very wide even in a 4, and after a couple of wears have started to feel almost too big – I think they might not be the best buy in the world in retrospect.

Photo 27-05-2014 16 19 35

M&S Limited Collection snakeskin heels, another charity shop bargain at £4.50.  Didn’t have any grey shoes, so I needed some.  Obviously!

Photo 27-05-2014 16 26 29

M&S black patent low heel sandals.  A nice, sensible shoe.  Oh God, did I just say that?   Shoot me now.  £1 from a car boot sale.

Photo 27-05-2014 16 15 22

Couldn’t resist these elegant black satin heels (Spanish made) from the Barnardo’s charity shop.   Did I need another pair of black heels?  Absolutely not.  But for £1.99, I simply couldn’t say no.  And they’re brand new.

Photo 27-05-2014 16 21 51

Finally, (bloody good job I’ve got a big shoe cupboard, innit?!) a pair of flat black espadrilles (which seem to be making my feet look very bulbous and odd in this pic), again from the £1.99 charity shop.  A nice change from flip flops for the summer.



10 thoughts on “New Summer Shoes

  1. I think you’ve got a pair for any occasion now for sure!
    Nice sensible shoe isn’t a sentence I thought I would ever read here!
    Lisa x

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