Frock It! At The BAFTAs

The recent BAFTA awards were a little disappointing, fashion-wise, I thought.  Nothing particularly exciting to mention.

So many celebs plumped for tried and tested black, some more successfully than others.  Let’s start with the ones I liked …



I loved this dress worn by Samia Ghadie (who used to be in Corrie, and I think might be again – I haven’t watched any soaps for years, so I have no idea who’s in what these days).  Anyway, I thought this dress was classic and elegant, and I thought her hair and make-up were perfectly matched to it as well.  Full marks from me, Samia.


Julie Walters was another of my favourites, in this loose-fitting dress.  Has Julie lost weight recently – she looks a lot slimmer than I remember seeing her previously?  Pretty accessories, too, and fab shoes.

Now onto those not-so-successful black dresses …



TV presenter Caroline Flack,  of whom I’m not really a fan, wore a strapless black dress which did nothing for her. It looked to me like it was in need of an iron, and was vaguely reminiscent of a bin liner. And for goodness’ sake, woman, it’s a red carpet event – do SOMETHING with your hair, would you?



Louise Redknapp is normally a celeb whose style I love, but this dress just didn’t hit the mark for me.  I don’t like the top half, which reminds me of the black regulation swimsuits we had to wear for swimming at school, and dip-back hemline looks odd to me.  I do, however, absolutely love the pops of colour she’s added with the blue shoes and yellow clutch.

Amongst all the black, it was so nice to see the occasional bright colours …


This dress, worn by Oona Chaplin (a Spanish actress, apparently. No, I’d never heard of her before I googled her, either) really caught my eye. I love the colours and the 70s-esque print. And isn’t it refreshing to see something a little bit different on the red carpet?  Sadly, this dress was mentioned in several ‘worst dressed at the BAFTAs’ articles that I read, which I thought was a bit of a shame.


Michelle Collins, a character actress who I love, had a bit of a mutton moment, I thought, in this dress.   Is the large piece of fabric tied round the middle and trailing behind her meant to be a bridal look?  Weird.

Finally, and moving away from the BAFTAs, I was really saddened this week to see that Rihanna, a highly successful young woman in her chosen career, felt the need seek attention by walking a red carpet dressed in this …




It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s just downright desperately sad that a woman who is famous the world over for her talent feels the need to demean herself by parading around like this.  We are in the 21st century, for heavens’ sake.  When did we last see a world-renowned, successful, famous man do similar?

Not good.

And on that thought, I shall end.




9 thoughts on “Frock It! At The BAFTAs

  1. Omg Rhianna, Rhianna. That dress or can you call it a dress is horrendous. If you were a man you would be arrested for indecent exposure. No class.

    I like Oona Chaplins dress but not for a red carpet event. She is the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin and is a good actress. She appeared in the BBC drama about the nurses in World War I or was it II!

    Doesn’t Julie Walters look fabulous.

    I hate the Louise Redknapp dress and love the shoes but not with this dress. As for Michelle Collins she looks as if she has been in her mothers dressing up box.

    I like the Caroline Flack dress although I agree about her hair. Think it would be amazing in red too.

  2. Love the OC dress, very different and so much nicer than a safe black. I think LR dress is a fright and I hate the blue shoes, dreadful combo.
    Not even going to bother commenting about Rhianna!
    Lisa x

  3. Rihanna is a role model to millions of girls and this was a disgrace she looked disgraceful. Loiuse Redknapp’s dress looked like 2 seperate dressed sewn together and did nothing for her, I dont like miss matched shoes and bags that is just me.Michelle’s dress was not at all flattering and drained her, she does have a fab figure but the dress was a no no.Loved the frock it post as usual x Dawn

  4. Enough already, Rihanna! Don’t understand why such a talented woman feels the need to do that. Louise Redknapp’s dress is a bit of a horror – my fav has got to be that smashing funky 70’s print one. Simple and gorgeous x

  5. Bloody hell, what was Rihanna thinking? She looks like a hooker. Pretty much agree with you Caroline. Julie and Samia look elegant and classy but my fave is Oona Chaplin, love both the print and style.

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