Summer Dreaming

????????????????????????????????????????Summer is very nearly here. Half term has been and gone and we’re into the last few weeks of the school year.

The first five months of this year have been crazy busy – we moved house and have embarked upon major renovations (done mostly by us – well, I say us, I actually mean mostly Ashley – I’ve waved a paintbrush around a bit, but he’s really got stuck in and has been working on the house every weekend and evenings and early mornings sandwiched around work, too).

Back at the beginning of the year, Ashley opened a new branch of his business, and so far I’ve had my busiest year ever work-wise. Because I work from home, I obviously don’t do set hours, but I actually worked out how many hours I worked last week (including all three days of the Bank Hol weekend), and was gobsmacked to find that I had done in excess of 50 hours – madness. No wonder I’m knackered.

Anyway, June is with us, and I love not only the long light evenings and sunshine – my favourite thing about June is that this is the time of year when my thoughts turn to summer holidays and generally slowing down a bit.

Here’s how our summer is shaping up:

June – a busy three weeks of work to kick off the month, and then I’m off to Spain for five days on the 24th to spend some time with my parents. Soooo looking forward to some sunshine, lazing around the pool, playing Scrabble with Mum, and good food and wine.

July – the month kicks off for Ashley and William with a trip to London to see the Monty Python show at the O2 (Will’s birthday present – he LOVES Monty Python) and to go up the Shard. I’m looking forward to a couple of days of being home alone and in charge of the remote control for a change!

Then Will breaks up from school on the 5th, and we’re off to Lanzarote for some quality family downtime for a fortnight. I cannot WAIT – as Will gets older and does his own thing more, it seems that the time we spend as a family gets less and less, so it’s nice to have this to look forward to.

 August – we’re having a big housewarming party for friends and family, which is going to be brilliant fun. It’s YEARS since we had a proper party. Fingers crossed for decent weather. The rest of August we’ll be making the most of the summer hols with lazy mornings, long walks – Will and I enjoy walking together, and we’ve plans for days out on the moors with picnic lunches this year. And more camping of course – one of my new favourite things.

September – It’s that back to work/school month for most of us, and there will be a fair amount of getting back into routine, which I always kind of enjoy after the long summer. But this year September is also full of lovely treats – a night away with a gourmet dinner at a hotel in Somerset with friends; a weekend with extended family at Moonfleet Manor, where a good time is always had by us all.  And a total bonus – I’ve just found out that Ashley has secretly booked a week away at our favourite hotel in the whole wide world for the two of us in late September. And he even organized childcare! What a lovely husband I have!

October – and the fun keeps on coming.  We are off to Dubai on our annual big family holiday with my parents and my brother and his wife. I’ve wanted to go to Dubai for years and, other than two hours spent transiting through the airport on the way to the Maldives last year, I’ve never yet been – so I’m super-excited about that.

I’m a very lucky girl. I know it.  If you asked me to paint a picture of my dream life, it would pretty much be the one that I’m in right now, possibly with the addition of a cleaner.

So bring on the summer, I say.



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