June Goals

Back in the distant past, I used to post regular monthly goals lists on here (if you want to see some of my old ones, select ‘goals’ from the drop down category list on the right side bar.)

I think monthly goals are a great way of focusing on things I want to get done, or habits I want to get into, and also a good way of breaking down bigger projects into manageable chunks.  And a written list is always a good motivator for me, too.

So I decided to get back into monthly goal-setting this month, and see how I get on.  It’s turned into quite a hefty list, actually.

  1. Watch 10 Ted talks. I used to watch these regularly and really enjoyed the variety of inspirational and informational stuff therein. But I’ve somehow fallen out of the habit.

2.    Exercise at least 10 times. I’ve been swimming once a week for several months now, and really enjoy it – it’s about the only form of exercise I can honestly say I like doing. But I want to focus on getting outside and walking now the better weather is here as well, and possibly getting out the dreaded exercise DVDs as well.

3.     Crochet June’s snowflakes with iMake’s #snowflakecal

4.    Crochet June’s blanket squares with Spincushions’ #beyondthegrannycal

5.    Make a start on the decorative flower/bunting/mandala crochet projects I’ve cut out of various magazines.

6.   Start planning our housewarming party, which is in August, and send out the invites by the end of this month.

7.   Watch 8 films – I’ve got out of the habit of regular movie watching somewhat since we moved house, and I have a Lovefilm and Amazon Prime watchlist as long as my arm, so I need to get some of them ticked off.

8.   Read 8 books. Just because.

9.   Sort out my wardrobe – a cull is long overdue. Having more cupboard space means I’ve been hoarding more than I should have done!

10.   Sort out Will’s wardrobe and figure out if he has enough summer clothes, if not, what do I need to buy?

11.   Cook four new recipes.   I have recipes bookmarked online and pages ripped out of magazines just waiting to be tried. Need to get some done.

12.   Buy flowers for the house. Because flowers make me feel happy.

13.   Clear my magazine backlog – there is a large pile that I need to get through.

14.   Oil my nails every evening when I get into bed – they are so dry and brittle, and my cuticles are awful. My hands need some TLC.

15.   Cut down on playing pointless iPad and iPhone games – they are such a time drain. And I’m never going to make any headway with this list of goals if I spend ages playing silly games!

* * *

Well, that little lot should keep me out of mischief for the rest of June!


8 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. I think some of those goals could apply to me too – exercise, reading, flowers in the house and new recipes. I think you are great to write down your goals for the month – I wish I had the same focus. 🙂

  2. Oh I should start up my monthly goal lists again as well. I certainly think that 15 should be on my list. Good luck with your list, I look forward to seeing how you have done.

    • Hi Clare – thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. I’ve just nipped over to your blog very briefly, what a fab colourful design you have. Will be back to read some more when I’ve got a bit more time. x

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