May Movies

End of another month – I can hardly believe it – and it’s a while since I’ve done a round-up of films that I’ve watched, so here’s what I saw in May.

1.   Captain Phillips


We chose this for a Saturday family movie night, and were all pretty gripped.  Tom Hanks is excellent as the eponymous captain of a ship taken hostage by Somali pirates, and it’s action-packed all the way through.  My only criticism was that the last half hour could have been shortened – I felt it was dragged out a bit too long.

My Rating:  4*

2.   Girl Most Likely


Quirky US comedy drama centred on Imogene, whose life as a New York playwright falls apart when she loses both her boyfriend and her job at the same time.  She has to move back home to New Jersey and repair her estranged relationship with her somewhat eccentric mother and brother.  Very watchable, and Annette Bening’s performance as the mother was brilliant.

My Rating: 3.5*

3.   Quartet


I was really looking forward to this British comic(?) drama with a stunning cast and directed by Dustin Hoffman, but was disappointed.   It’s set in a retirement home for musicians and singers, and centres on a concert given by the residents to raise funds for the home.  Although there are some vaguely amusing moments and the setting was beautiful, the pace was so slow and the content so dull that I found my attention wandering almost from the beginning.  Such a shame, as it had the potential to be very good.

My Rating: 2.5*

4.   One Direction: This Is Us


I started watching this on Amazon Prime on the iPad one evening, when I had nothing else to watch, and found myself strangely embroiled.  I found the five lads to be very likeable and modest, and really enjoyed the concert sequences.   Don’t think I’d bother with a sequel, but I did enjoy it more than I anticipated.

My Rating: 3.5*

5.   The Lucky One


Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, you’d have to be in the mood for some really serious saccharine -drenched schmaltz to enjoy this.  Luckily I was, so it was watchable.  I’m beginning to tire of Zac Efron, whose acting skills are questionable, I think, though he’s very pleasant to look at.  Don’t think I’ll be bothering with the book!

My Rating: 3*


Have you seen any good films lately?


3 thoughts on “May Movies

  1. I agree with you on Quartet….. Potential but didn’t deliver. I also was surprised with the 1Direction one!
    I want to see Chef! which has just come out here (not Lenny Henry) – looks good…

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