My Life In Instagram

First of all, big thanks to everybody who commented on my Charity Shop post – some really interesting thoughts and stories in there, the comments made for interesting reading.

Secondly, for anybody who missed it, I had a great morning’s car boot shopping on Sunday – despite the rain.  Here’s what I bought.

Hope everybody had a good Bank Hol weekend – ours was nice, despite the bleugh weather.  Got loads done around the house, and was crazy busy with eBay sales (one plus of the rubbish weather, I guess!).

Here are a few of my Instagram snapshots from the last few weeks.


Grumpy faced son at the start of school exam week.


My new method of keeping track of our free range tortoise.


Tulips.  Just gorgeous.


William with all his Gadget Show prizes.  Slightly happier face!


Early morning sky from my bedroom window.


Beautiful view to wake up to on Dartmoor.  Camping last weekend.


The weather might be rubbish, but my Yankee Sun & Sand candle is making me long for sunshine and holidays.


May’s crochet snowflakes.


Green smoothie.  And swimming.  All in one morning.  Pass the chocolate.


My British Beauty Blogger dream box arrived.  So lucky to have got one of these, as they sold out within 24 hours.


My current favourite coffee.


Wisteria in our garden.   One of my favourite plants.



4 thoughts on “My Life In Instagram

  1. Gosh I’ve missed so many of your posts! Great photos, the gadget show prizes look fab, hope the exams are going ok, we still have most of them ahead of us (son not me!)
    And beautiful wisteria, I need to read backwards now to catch up!

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