Reading & Watching Wednesday

Summer made an appearance over the weekend down here in Devon, then went again as quickly as it arrived.  This morning, though, has dawned bright and sunny, and I’m looking out over lovely blue skies as I write this, feeling rather smug.  (Early morning swimming and a green smoothie for breakfast tends to have that effect on me.  Excuse me while I polish my halo.)

Anyway, onto the books …

The Richard & Judy Book Club has introduced me to many new authors over the years, some of whom have become firm favourites, so I’m always interested to see what their new choices are.  Here are their summer 2014 picks.


I’ve already read the top one in the pile (very good, but not quite as good as his previous two novels), and there are several more that I fancied, so I ordered a couple from the library and picked them up on Monday.

Currently reading …


An interesting story about a couple unable to conceive and their female friend (who secretly holds a candle for the husband), who offers to be their surrogate.  So far, so enjoyable, if a little predictable.  I’m less than halfway in, however, and the writing is good, so I’m hoping that the story ramps up a gear now the scene is set.

Previously read …


This one had been hanging round in my bookcase for ages, and was an interesting and engaging read, centred on two girls growing up in the early 80s, and the music scene at the time in London.  Considering that I didn’t warm to any of the characters particularly, and actively disliked more than one, I gave this book four stars as I loved how evocative it was of the time it was set in.

Next up …


Another Richard & Judy pick, which I’ve read mixed reviews of.  The author is a new one to me, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I think.  The premise sounds promising – a husband who doesn’t return from a business trip and disappears.

* * *

Watching …


I’m a  bit behind with my TV viewing and have only just started this recent Sunday night BBC drama series set in France in WW1.  Not sure what I make of it, really – I quite like the characters, but I think the storylines could do with a bit more ‘meat on the bones’.  I’ve only watched two episodes and can’t decide whether to continue.

Has anybody watched it?  Does it get better?

* * *

As ever, any TV/book/film recommendations gratefully received – have you got any to share?


6 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. Only one I have read is the Kaled Hossein and I completely agree with your opinion.

    Started to watch Crimson Fields but it irritated me in the fact that everything . And everyone was so clean not what you would expect in a field hospital in a war zone. Also a lot of stereo typed characters.

    I am enjoying Sunny Valley though with Sarah Lancashire and Fargo with Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton.

  2. I have been enjoying the latest Nicci French books, featuring Frieda Klein – I have enjoyed all of their books.
    I didn’t watch the Crimson Field – it just didn’t appeal to me – but along with millions of others, I am engrossed in Game of Thrones.

  3. Looks like you have plenty of books to keep you going but then again it amazes me how fast you get through them! enjoy x Dawn

  4. Hubs is home this week, so ALL that has been on the television is baseball. Not doing much reading either. Can’t say exactly what I have been doing, in a stupor I guess. Yikes.

  5. I just read ‘ The Playdate’ by Louise Millar which I loved (but maybe because it it English?) I am also watching Happy/Sunny Valley. Need to catch up with ‘The Americans series 2’ soon. I will keep an eye out how you find the Richard and Judy books – usually quite good I find!

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