Frock It! At the Met Ball

Well, ladies, time for another Frock It!  And where better to get inspiration than the recent Met Ball in New York, attended by everybody who’s anybody, and an all round good excuse to dress up?

I’l start with one of my personal favourites.

article-2621021-1D989A7600000578-878_470x839I absolutely love this ice blue dress that Diane Kruger wore – it’s by Jason Wu for Hugo Boss, and I think it’s stunning.

Also opting for ice blue was Elizabeth Olsen …


Yuck.  The handbag clashes with the dress,  and don’t even get me started on the shoes.  Hate the nude panel at the top of the dress.  Frankly it looks like an ice-skating outfit gone wrong.  Horrid.

Moving on, two celebs who opted for Chanel dresses caught my eye – for very different reasons!  The first was Lily Allen …


I think Lily looked beautiful in this elegant dress – I don’t often like her clothes, but this time she got it  just right, I thought.

Unfortunately for Kristen Stewart, also in Chanel, she didn’t get it quite so right …


This dress featured in several of the ‘worst dressed’ lists of Met Ball attendees, so obviously I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t keen.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile in a photo, either.

Katie Holmes and Kylie both opted for Marchesa gowns …





I do love the colour of Katie’s dress, but it’s a bit ‘Disney Princess’ and looks as though it could do with a good iron.

And Kylie’s choice – I’m a bit on the fence about it.  It’s OK, but a bit weddingy/nightdressy.  I like her clutch bag, though.

Another dress that I absolutely loved was this one, worn by Emmy Rossum (I had to google her to find out who she was!)


Unusual, yes, but fabulous bold colours (Carolina Herrera is the designer) and she looks as though she’s enjoying wearing it.  Beautiful hair, too – and not too much jewellery.  Perfect.

Everybody’s favourite fashionista Victoria Beckham was there, of course.  Wearing white.



Mrs B has recently turned 40, and is it me, or is she looking her age (if not a bit more)?  They do say you have to choose between your body and your face as you get older, and she is super-skinny, of course.  Nothing much to say about her dress – I think it’s a bit boring – other than it looks far too long.

Rihanna looked quite demure in Stella McCartney, considering some of the outfits we see her wearing …


I don’t think the exposed midriff is a great look for a ball, though.

Another one who did the exposed midriff thing was Emma Stone, in this pink ensemble by Thakoon …


The skirt is fine, but the top looks like something you’d wear to the gym.  Odd.

Another one who made many worst dressed lists was Rita Ora, in Donna Karan …


Oh dear.

Blake Lively was another on my best-dressed list, in this beautiful Gucci dress …

article-2621021-1D98F8C500000578-913_474x729If I was being really picky, I’d say that I think the dress would be better without the shoulder train, as the skirt itself already has quite a long train, but that’s just nit-picking, really.

Reese Witherspoon wore one of my favourite colours – hot pink.  Again by Stella McCartney.



Gorgeous dress, but I did have a giggle at her hair – it looks as though it’s been sprayed with superglue!

And finally, Beyonce had obviously forgotten the old adage ‘legs OR cleavage’:


And what’s that ridiculous net over her face?  She looks as if she’s going to a fancy dress party as a Spanish dancer.  Ha.

Phew!  Well, that brings me to the end of Frock It once again.  Which were your favourites?




9 thoughts on “Frock It! At the Met Ball

  1. Love frock it! I love the hot pink dress, Recently Wetherspoon looked amazing,I have always liked Lilly Allens cheeky look here dress was stunning,Katie Holmes looked like she was starring in Oklahoma I did not like the yellow dress at all.great post x

  2. I can’t decide on the one I like the best, but there is no problem choosing several that I don’t like at all! Reece Witherspoon’s dress is lovely, but doesn’t it look as though she needs to hitch the top up a little bit? I think Kylie’s dress is lovely, but agree that it does look a bit weddingy – it would have looked lovely without the train.

  3. I didn’t really like any of them that much. For me Kylies was the best but perhaps in a different colour. I do agree with your comments on Mrs Beckham. She is far too thin and just looks gaunt especially with the dark brown tan. If you look at the rear view she looks as if her spine is bent at the wrong angle from too much posing. But I do so love Frock It.

  4. I think this was one of the worst years in terms of shocking dresses/looks on people… my two faves were Rhianna and Blake Lively and I whilst Victoria Beckham’s look isn’t my cup of tea I think she made it work.


  5. I loved Lily Allen’s clutch in combination with the dress’ bands of pink. Poor Katie Holmes looked like a little girl playing dress up, looked as if it was about to slide right off. And I am totally aging myself, but Rihanna’s exposed midriff didn’t bother me nearly as much as her exposed tat.

  6. Yes – there was a photo of Katie Holmes going into a Disney store with her daughter and they linked it with the dress she had here saying it was like a more expensive version of a Disney princess dress. Posh looks so thin (and orange) but the cut of her own label dress was good (although I agree too long). Reese’s dress is fab but there was footage of her apparently also at the ball, drunk in an elevator with her friends where she was wearing black. I like Blake’s dress but it seems a bit old for her…. my fave of your bunch is actually Lily Allen!! (although not her hair – and wouldn’t be surprised if she had trainers on underneath!!!)

  7. Katie Holmes looks like she is wearing Belles dress from Beauty and the beast.

    I like Reese’s dress. I wonder if it would look even better in cornflower blue? It would do amazing things with her complexion I think

  8. I think RW pink dress looks a bit Marilyn Monroe ish. The 2 ice blue dresses just show how one colour can look so good and so awful!
    I was glad to see Will’s prizes had turned up, bet he was thrilled.
    You’ve certainly got a lot planned for the next few months and I like the idea of breaking down things into monthly goals.
    I’ve noticed more bobbly/dirty/frayed things being put out for sale at the charity shops. I don’t mind the make-overs too much, if it brings in new customers and more money for the charities then that’s got to be good, but the over pricing that some of them do is ridiculous. I really don’t think some of them consider how much something would have cost new. I like the Barnardos near us which recently changed it’s pricing policy to everything being £1.99. They have a great turn over of stock.
    Lisa x

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