Sunday Sunday


This morning’s car boot finds included this amazing vintage 60s nightwear.  See what else I found over at

A couple of people have mentioned that they are still having problems accessing the new blog.  Because it’s open to invited users only, if you want to view, firstly I have to send you an invitation, and you will then receive a link to create a WordPress account in order to be able to access the blog.  I realise it’s a bit of a pain, but it’s a one-time thing, once you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to come and go as you please.

If anybody is having problems or still needs an invitation, please do let me know.

* * *

On another note, thank you all for your comments on my last post.

The situation with the social services et al is slowly moving forward – though I wouldn’t like to estimate how many hours I’ve spent on the phone over the last week dealing with it.   The lack of efficiency of the various authorities has been eye-opening.  I had to laugh on Friday, when a keyworker from the women’s refuge phoned with ‘news’ for me and spent 10 minutes giving me the same information that I had actually given HER during a telephone conversation two days previously.

Interestingly, I seem to be more on top of things as regards the ins and outs of housing law and benefits than the various government-employed ‘professionals’ (I use that word loosely) who are involved in administering the system.  Weird.

* * *

The other good news is that I received a phone call from The Gadget Show on Friday, saying that Will’s prize should be with us this coming week.  I took it with a large pinch of salt, as I’ve heard that one before, but at least they made contact, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

It also became apparent during the conversation that several of the prize-winners (there were 10 theatre shows over the course of the five-day Gadget Show Live, and presumably they gave away the same prize at each show) had complained to Channel 5, as it had taken so long!

* * *

We are busy decorating this weekend, and we have my parents coming to stay overnight tonight, and Ashley’s mum is joining us for dinner, too.  I do love a three-day weekend, don’t you?

Happy Bank Holiday, everybody!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday

  1. That’s good news, you will have a happy lad this week then. On the other front I do hope the nightmare situation is resolved soon. My tenant drives me potty doing things that he hasn’t got permission to do for example the wall paper he has put up is horrendous but he keeps the property in good order in that if something needs doing he does it without bothering us and pays the rent on time.

  2. Hi Caroline I have enjoyed reading your blog for ages and would like to be able to view your car boot bargains. I only wish that I was as lucky when visiting car boot sales, sometimes the amount of tat is overwhelming!

  3. Hi Caroline,
    I am a fan of your blog since you were using “whatishappeninginourhouse” (hope I spell it correctly?)
    You have saved me money with smart buying tips and I love your but at Car boot sales! In fact I started to shop at Car boot because I came across your blog. I’m a mother of 2 little girls who lives in Wokingham. I hope you will send me a link to access your booty blog, please?
    Many thanks and best wishes

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