Frock It – The Royal Tour Edition

Long-time readers will probably remember my Frock It series, which ended a couple of years ago now, but I’ve so enjoyed seeing what the Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing for the royal tour of Australia/NZ over the last couple of weeks, that I thought I’d resurrect Frock It for a one-off post all about the lovely Kate.

Let’s start with my two favourites, which are these:





The blue flower print dress is by LK Bennett, which I guess could be considered top-end high street at £245, so it just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look fab.

The yellow dress is by Roksanda Ilinic, and apparently Kate told an onlooker that William had said she looked like a banana in it, but I think it’s great to see her in some bright colours.

Talking of which, this red peplum suit by Luisa Spagnoli (no, I’ve never heard of her, either) is another winner as far as I’m concerned.  Although not terribly suitable for playing cricket, I didn’t think!





Still in red, the outfit Kate wore for their arrival in NZ was likened by many to an air hostess’ uniform, and I have to say, I can see the similarity, which could be seen as somewhat unfortunate, as a) she’s wearing it to get off a plane, and b) her mother’s former profession, which some say is a bone of contention with some of the royal hangers-on.   I did quite like it, though.


As a brief aside, why is Prince George almost always dressed in strangely old-fashioned baby clothes? I thought Kate had been spotted shopping in Baby Gap on a couple of occasions?

I suspect Prince George was one of the reasons for evening engagements being few and far between on this tour.  At the first one, Kate wore this Jenny Packham black dress.

article-2601303-1CFCDA1E00000578-605_964x711I like the slash neckline and the silver fern embellishment (a nod to an NZ fern, I think I remember reading), but I thought the rest of it was just a bit dull, really.  Not sure about her hair for an evening do, either.


I wasn’t sure about this cocktail dress by the American designer, Lela Rose, at first, but it’s grown on me, and I absolutely love the chignon – a new look for Kate, I think.

There were a couple of outfits I thought were really quite frumpy during the tour (sorry, Kate).


Although I love the jade green colour, I think the flared skirt isn’t a great length – mid-calf would look so much more elegant in my opinion.  I usually like Catherine Walker’s designs, but I’m not a fan of this one.



This one was my least favourite of the whole tour.  Don’t like the dress, don’t like the pleats, don’t like the hat.  The dress is by NZ designer, Emilia Wickstead.

article-2608710-1D35C62D00000578-820_470x674Really liked this Alexander McQueen coat and dress that Kate wore to church last Sunday in Sydney. And this is a hat that I really like, too.

This was the second Alexander McQueen outfit Kate wore on the tour, the first one being this military style coat, with pleat detail at the back …




I like this one as well, and I think Kate looks great in this shade of blue.

Finally, two pastels I picked out – one I like, one not so much.


Again, I have a problem with the length of this pink dress – I don’t think a flared skirt that sits on the knee is flattering to anybody.  And the whole ensemble looks a bit too old for her.

article-2609903-1D40C22100000578-323_964x1149This coffee coloured dress on the other hand, is fab.  Elegant without being too formal, and an unusual neckline to add a bit of interest.

* * *

Hope you enjoyed my whistle-stop flick through Kate’s tour wardrobe.  Which were your favourites, and which did you hate?







13 thoughts on “Frock It – The Royal Tour Edition

  1. I actually liked all the outfits some more than others. The yellow number was absolutely stunning and I want it but I am afraid I didn’t like the coffee coloured one very much. I am hoping there will be a rush to get “look a likes” in to the high street. On a different note I do think she looks better with her hair away from her face then just hanging down. But that is being picky!

    ps I do miss Frock It.

  2. I miss Frock It, too. This post was great. Her clothes really were lovely; the yellow was my favorite and the green coat my least favorite. I’ve read on a few posts that she could have branched out a little with the accessories but I’m sure her luggage was staggering as it was.

  3. Yes! Bring back ‘frock it!’ You and I have spoken about Kate’s outfits over the past 2 weeks and I agree with everything you wrote – my like were the same as yours!! I do like the fact she re-cycles her clothes but not in a Princess Anne way (ifyouknowwhatImean). We will miss seeing her wardrobe as regularly!!!

  4. Hooray for the return of Frock It! I agree that the dress in the top photo is really lovely, and is probably my favourite of all the ones she wore. Of course, her figure, and lovely legs would make almost anything look good. 🙂 I’m thinking Prince George is dressed in this way because it is ‘traditional’ rather than ‘old fashioned’? He did have some rather nice red pinstrip dungarees on for the flight home though (maybe from Gap? 🙂 )

  5. Pretty much agree with all your comments on Kate’s dresses there, Caroline. Also fully agree with your comments on Prince George – poor little soul looked terribly old-fashioned and rather uncomfortable at times, surely a T-shirt and shorts combo would have been much nicer for him to wear. And, yes, please do bring back Frock It! it was fab.

  6. Everything is on the knee. I recall lately that there had been talk of her skirts being too short. I am so pleased that people seem to react, on the whole well to them.

  7. Great post Caroline and ‘yes please’ to the return of Frock It.
    In general I agree with your comments but I rather liked the cut out detail on the cream outfit. Thanks to Kate liking sleeves they have now reappeared in the High St. something for which I’m grateful. (who wants to wear sleeveless dresses in winter?) I love the hostie outfit, but I suppose I would, ha ha. Funnily enough her father was a Flight Despatcher, the same job I did when I gave up flying.

  8. I love the Alexander McQueen blue coat, stunning. And her hair looks great too.
    I like the coffee-coloured dress and the very first one.
    The green dress makes her look like she’s got a bit of a tummy, which she obviously hasn’t.

  9. Yeah Frock it! love Kate,she is so elegant,I love her in red. Maybe George wore the traditional baby clothes on official events? . Great out x Dawn

  10. I was saying the same thing about those vile outfits they decided to put George in. How hideous.
    I so enjoyed this post, used to love the others.
    Top dress is lush and I do like that jade one a lot as well.
    Just caught up on all your posts. Getting back into the swing of things this week after 2 fab weeks off has left me more disorganise d than ever!
    Hope you enjoyed your meal, those sacheys sound dreadful.
    Well done to Will on his report.
    Lisa x

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